The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6452

Realizing that the possibility of asking China for the Sifang Baozhu was almost zero, Howard’s emotions collapsed one after another without realizing it.

He recalled all the efforts he had made and all the losses he had suffered in order to recover the Sifang Baozhu, and he could no longer control his mentality.

His body trembled, and he yelled almost madly: “That damn Peter Zhou, how on earth did he send the Sifang Baozhu back to China?” ”

I, Howard Rothschild, have no enmity with him. Why are you doing this to me!!!”

“This bastard not only stole my things, but also dragged me into the quagmire of public opinion, causing the Rothschild family to suffer the biggest crisis of public opinion in recent decades!!!”

” Now not only has my reputation been ruined, but Sifang Baozhuan has never come back, and all my investment in retrieving Sifang Baozhuang has been wasted!!!” ”

The most disgusting thing is that he died and was returned to me. I planted a bomb like Po Qinghui that I don’t know when it will explode!!! I! I hate it!!! I wish he could come back to life and kill him with my own hands again!!!”

At this point, Howard only felt a feeling on his forehead. His blood vessels suddenly bulged, his blood pressure rose instantly, and his brain was already a little dizzy.

The youngest son David hadn’t noticed anything unusual about his father. When he heard the name of the Po Qing Society, he asked in surprise: “Father… what did the Po Qing Society you just mentioned do?”

As soon as David asked, he discovered Old father Howard’s body began to twitch at this time, his eyes widened and his pupils began to turn up. /

Seeing his father’s convulsions getting more and more serious, and his body falling backward uncontrollably, David quickly stepped forward to hold him up, and asked nervously: “Father, what’s wrong with you, Dad?!”

Howard At this time, he was convulsing to the point of foaming at the mouth, completely speechless, and his body was shaking violently like an electric shock. Then, a foul smell came, and David was horrified to find that his old father had actually urinated and defecated. Incontinent.

He realized that the situation was not good, and was about to shout for help, but the housekeeper and family doctor had already rushed over.

There are special detection equipment on Howard’s wrist and heart that can monitor his key body indicators and subtle changes in his heart in real time. As early as when Howard felt dizzy, the housekeeper and doctor had already received an alert.

The doctor rushed in and did a simple examination on Howard, and then said very nervously: “Sir, it is most likely that he has suffered a stroke. You must seize the time for emergency treatment. Housekeeper, please contact the medical department immediately and ask the emergency personnel to rush over immediately. Also notify Emergency doctors, get ready!”

As he said that, he quickly took Howard from David, let him slowly lie on the ground, tilted his body slightly, then took out an injection and injected it directly into Howard’s body.

The Rothschild family’s estate is like a small city. They have a complete medical institution here. This medical institution cooperates with the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Hospital, two top hospitals. Together, we provide the top medical services in the Western world to members of the Rothschild family at the estate of the Rothschild family.

With the full assistance of two top hospitals, coupled with the unparalleled financial ability of the Rothschild family, this “family clinic” that only serves core members of the family can provide the top emergency, rescue, and medical care in the West. Surgery and even radiotherapy and chemotherapy services.

Soon, multiple emergency doctors rushed over as quickly as possible, and they immediately pushed Howard, who had suffered a stroke, to the emergency room for emergency treatment.

When David saw his father being sent to the emergency room for first aid, he quickly notified all direct members of the family about the emergency.

As the eldest son, Steve Rothschild is currently staring at his mobile phone in Canada.

A few minutes ago, he had received news about Sifang Baozhuan’s return to China, so he kept looking at his mobile phone, waiting for family members to send news about his father’s sudden illness.

Steve also knew very well that the old man was old and had suffered many blows recently. If the news of Sifang Baozhu’s return to China reached his ears, it would be a huge blow to him, and a serious illness would be a serious blow. It’s mild, but he might actually die because of his excitement.

At this moment, a push notification suddenly popped up on the phone. It was the communication software used internally by the Rothschild family.

Steve was overjoyed and quickly opened the push notification, and then saw the message sent by his brother David in the group: “My father has suffered a stroke. Please rush back to the family as soon as possible. Those who are not in New York must also return as soon as possible!”

Seeing the word “stroke ” Steve was so excited that he couldn’t open his mouth from ear to ear!

Within the Rothschild family, Howard’s health was a top priority.

This is not only because he is the patriarch of the family, but also because once his health suffers serious problems, the Rothschild family will begin the transition between the heir and the current patriarch in accordance with regulations.

As the legal first heir, Steve must return to the family as soon as possible at this time and temporarily take charge of important family matters. However, this is only an escrow. How long will he be in charge? Or will he directly inherit the title of patriarch? The position depends on the physical condition of the current patriarch Howard.

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