The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6453

If Howard recovers well, Steve will return the management rights to him. But if he fails to recover, Steve will continue to take charge until Howard dies or Howard himself voluntarily gives up.

Stroke is definitely a very serious sudden disease. If the rescue is not timely, it may be life-threatening. Even if the rescue is timely, it will be accompanied by many sequelae.

Hemiplegia, crooked mouth and eyes, incontinence of urine and feces, and loss of speech ability are all common sequelae of stroke. Especially for elderly people in their eighties, the prognosis is extremely poor. Even if it is not as serious as Hawking, it is at least It has to be 60-70% of Hawking’s.

Steve was so excited that he couldn’t contain himself when he thought that his old father might be speechless in the future and could only sit tremblingly in a wheelchair, struggling to control the wheelchair’s control lever with trembling hands.

If the old father can really succeed in Hawking’s 67th year, he must completely retreat to the second line or even completely withdraw from the family management and concentrate on recuperating. However, no one of the descendants of the Rothschild family has seized the opportunity of the Sifang Palace. The determined heir will surely reach the top smoothly!

So, he excitedly informed the pilot to prepare for takeoff, and then quickly went to report the news to charlie Wade, who had returned to Helena’s room.

At this time, Helena had already gone to the Capitol to attend the meeting scheduled in the morning. charlie was alone in the room, waiting for the news of Howard’s sudden illness.

Seeing Howard’s mouth that was harder to suppress than AK’s, charlie knew that something must have happened to his father, so he asked him first: “Steve, you are so happy, does something happen to your father?”

Steve subconsciously asked him He asked him: “Mr. Wade, I…do I look happy?”

charlie Wade nodded, pointed at the corner of his mouth, and teased: “The corner of your mouth is raised too high. You can tell at a glance that the ‘recoil’ is very I’m so strong that I can’t suppress it anymore.”

Steve quickly pulled the corners of his mouth twice with his hands, thinking to himself: “It’s not that I don’t want to suppress it, it’s just that I really can’t suppress it…”

Then, he suppressed a smile and said, He said with false sadness: “Mr. Wade, I just received news from my family that my father…had a stroke…”

charlie Wade nodded and was not surprised. After all, Howard was in his eighties and his health was How could it be better? He attaches so much importance to the Sifang Baozhu, and he has been subjected to so many and such big series of stimulations that he is already strong and old even if he doesn’t die directly.

He was able to withstand this huge blow at the age of eighty-four, and the medical technology of the Rothschild family definitely contributed. Maybe it was the stem cells that were usually injected that made a difference at this moment.

So, charlie Wade said half teasingly and half seriously: “Steve, don’t be too happy. Stroke can be cured with all your strength. When I say cured, I don’t mean to be out of danger, but to be out of danger.” Healed.”

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible!” Steve waved his hands repeatedly with a look of disbelief and said to charlie Wade: “Mr. Wade, a stroke is like broken porcelain. The best situation is that it is not broken. It’s just that it can be glued back. It’s good that the porcelain glued back can still be used. How can it be restored to the original state?”

charlie Wade smiled and said: “In that case, I would like to congratulate Mr. Steve in advance on being crowned patriarch. Take the position!”

Steve suddenly felt a little embarrassed and chuckled: “Mr. Wade, don’t say that, my father has a physical condition. Although I am very heartbroken, I also believe that he will be able to overcome the disease. If he recovers well, Maybe we can continue to lead the Rothschild family to greater heights!”

charlie Wade smiled and said: “There are no outsiders here, what else can you pretend to be like with me? If your father really recovers well, you may be able to You have to wait several years or even more than ten years before you can inherit the position of patriarch, and who knows if there will be other changes during this period? The more times like this, the easier it is to trigger Murphy’s Law, and the more you feel that you In the last few years of my father’s life, there must be no changes in the selection of his heir. Changes tend to happen more often.”

When Steve heard this, most of his excitement had dissipated.

There was only charlie Wade in front of him, and he didn’t want to pretend anymore, so he sighed and said: “To be honest, Mr. Wade, I don’t know the specific situation of my father. It is said that he is still in emergency treatment. In the Rothschild family, any Sudden illness can ensure that there will be no accidents in terms of timeliness and rescue methods, so my father will definitely receive the best stroke first aid in the world as soon as possible. If he is really fine, then I will I can only continue to wait patiently…”

After a pause, he said in a depressed tone: “If something happens in the future, I’m afraid I won’t be able to change anything. I can only see if the goddess of fate favors me…”

charlie Wade said slightly Smiling, he said sincerely: “That’s right! Keep your depressed mood now, so that when you return to the Rothschild family and appear in front of your father’s bedside, you won’t show your weakness. You have to know that your father suddenly suffered a stroke, and each of your brothers must be heartbroken. If you are pretending, it will easily be exposed. What if your father sees your pressure? If you don’t keep your mouth shut, he will probably depose you temporarily.”

Steve looked at charlie Wade with wide eyes, and said with some emotion: “Mr. Wade, it turns out you are thinking about me, I understand!”

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