The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6454

 For Steve, the current situation can be described as a sudden realization.

  The old man suffered a stroke and suffered a stroke. No matter how well he recovers, there will definitely be many sequelae. More importantly, his morale will be greatly affected. These will reduce the possibility of him continuing to lead the Rothschild family. .

  Therefore, now that he can directly inherit the family when he enters, and can take charge of all the family affairs as heir when he retires, he can be regarded as having real power.

  Because of this, he couldn’t understand that charlie Wade’s words were warning him or inoculating him. He thought that charlie Wade deliberately told him not to be so optimistic, hoping that he could control himself better after returning to New York. Emotions.

  As a result, for the first time, he was truly moved by charlie Wade.

  Although this mandatory “partner” has always made me dissatisfied, I didn’t expect that this mandatory “partner” actually did it for my own good.

  This made him suddenly feel in his heart: “If I had the power and kicked him out immediately and turned against him, wouldn’t it appear that Steve, I, was not very kind?”

  In fact, how did he know that charlie Wade was not thinking about him at all.

  Because charlie Wade knew that he could never let Howard Rothschild, an old fox, rest like this.

  He had already given the blood-dispersing and heart-saving elixir to Helena, and he still hoped to obtain various benefits from that elixir, and at the same time keep Steve in the position of first heir.

  So, he stood up, patted Steve on the shoulder, and said with a smile: “Steve, take your son, hurry up and go back and have a look. Helena originally wanted to talk to you about cooperation between the two parties, but now look There is no chance for now, but don’t worry, you go back to bed first to fulfill your filial piety, and then ask Helena to go to New York in person. On the one hand, she will represent the Nordic royal family to visit the old man in person, and on the other hand, she will also help you in the future. Try to get more attention from the old man. After all, she went to New York because the chat with you was more speculative, and the Queen went to visit in person, so you look better.”

  Steve was also wily, and he immediately heard that charlie meant in his words was to let Helena go to the family to fill up the scene for him. After all, the old man wanted to have some relationship with the Nordic royal family, borrowing the royal background of the Nordic royal family, and also borrowing Helena’s popular folk life. Popularity.

  Steve was really touched when he heard that charlie could let Helena go to New York.

  He couldn’t help but hold charlie Wade’s hand and said seriously: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will always remember your words, don’t forget to be rich and noble! If I become the heir of the Rothschild family, the Ye family will Will definitely become our strategic partner!”

  charlie Wade nodded with a pleased look on his face: “If you have this heart, it’s worth my help!”

  Steve nodded enthusiastically, but the next second , I couldn’t help but wonder: “Damn this, who is helping whom? Hey, forget it, let anyone help whomever. Anyway, he successfully transported the Sifang Baozhuang out, and I took over the power smoothly right away. Win-win cooperation for everyone can be regarded as a successful business cooperation case.”

  So, he said with gratitude: “Mr. Wade, thank you for your help!”

  charlie Wade smiled slightly: “Come on, I am optimistic about you.”

  In fact, charlie Wade He didn’t doubt Steve’s sincerity at this moment, but he also knew that this sincerity contained more or less impulsive elements.

  It’s like when people drink too much, they tend to become more generous and talkative than usual. If you promise something to others when you are drunk, you will probably regret it after you sober up, even if you don’t regret it.

  Therefore, charlie Wade knew that he must not believe his verbal promises, otherwise he would be the one who would be passive in the future.

  After all, the only way I could truly control Steve was that he betrayed the interests of the Rothschild family and helped send the Sifang Mansion out of New York and back to China.

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