The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6455

  However, in order to control him through this, the premise is that Howard, an old fox, must be in control.

  Once Steve, the crown prince, ascends the throne, and he tells Howard, the crown prince, that his grandson has been rebellious and colluded with foreign enemies, Howard will have no choice but to break his teeth and swallow it, otherwise his own son will not let him go.


  Soon, Steve took his son, who had come to Canada first, and took a helicopter back to New York.

  On his way to New York, Howard’s vital signs were stabilized in the Rothschild emergency room.

  It’s just that stability is stable, but the old man’s nervous system is still greatly affected.

  The most serious thing is that there is almost no nerve sensation on the right side of his body. In addition to his right hand, right foot, right leg, and right arm, the facial muscles and tongue muscles on the right side are also greatly affected, causing visual impairment. Visible mouth and slanted eyes.

  This also means that his pronunciation and enunciation of speech will also be affected.

  This is standard hemiplegia.

  Fortunately, Howard’s brain was not greatly affected and his thinking ability is still normal.

  After he regained consciousness, the stroke expert comforted him and said: “Mr. Rothschild, your body is now out of danger, but you are currently experiencing some symptoms of hemiplegia, but you don’t need to worry too much, we We have the best rehabilitation medical system in the world. As long as you can actively participate in rehabilitation training, I believe you will be able to regain your ability to move independently in the near future.”

  Howard was still in a somewhat extreme mood, trembling and gritting his teeth as he cursed: “Fu*k… Bastard! Call… call… my best… best team of lawyers… I… I want to fight… a lawsuit… with China… to… want our Sifang… back… …Square treasure building!”

  The doctor saw his blood pressure skyrocketing in an instant, and quickly comforted him: “Mr. Rothschild, the most taboo thing for you now is excessive emotions. If you have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems, the situation will only get worse. Serious and even life-threatening. I suggest that you now look away from all the things that you couldn’t look away from before. No matter how much losses you have suffered before, you must always remind yourself in the bottom of your heart that saving your life is important and you must not let this loss happen. If it continues to expand, especially if it extends to your own body, judging from your symptoms just now, if it were an ordinary person, if the treatment time were delayed by just a few minutes, the person might be gone.” After that

  , the doctor said seriously. : “Mr. Rothschild, you already have endless money, but you don’t have endless life! In front of longevity, everything else is just a cloud! A Chinese comedian said it very well, The greatest sorrow in life is that people die and money is not spent. Think about it for yourself, is this true?”

  Howard didn’t expect the doctor to speak so directly and unpleasantly. His first reaction was to instinctively want to be angry. He was furious, but then he subconsciously thought about what the doctor just said.

  It’s easy to lose your temper, but with your current physical condition, it might be easier to lose your temper and kill yourself…

  He has enjoyed a lifetime of glory and wealth, so he naturally knows that life is the most precious thing in the world.

  Although the treasures in all directions are related to the future fortune and destiny of the entire Rothschild family, if I die, what will happen even if the Rothschild family rules the world and dominates the universe in the future? 138 Reading Network

  But taking a step back, if I can survive and live longer, what will happen even if the Rothschild family declines a little?

  So what if the Rothschild family declines by 90% in their own hands and their assets shrink from tens of thousands or even ten trillion US dollars to hundreds of billions of dollars? Don’t you still have money that you can’t spend all your money? Don’t you still enjoy endless blessings?

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