The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6456

The doctor’s words made Howard begin to re-examine the matter of Sifang Baozhuang.

It is true that I have suffered heavy losses for the Sifang Baozhu, and even my own health. However, if I still hold on to it now, objectively speaking, it will only expand the losses, and there will never be any chance to make up for the losses.

Therefore, the most reasonable thing at the moment is to stop the loss in time. All the previous investment will be in vain. You must recognize, accept and accept it in your heart. As long as you can hold on and not expand losses from today, this is the current situation. Find the best solution.

After all, he is the manager of a top family and a capital master who is well versed in investment. Howard realized that something was impossible, and he immediately firmly established the concept of stopping losses in time.

So, he called his fourth son, David, and told him: “Say hello to all departments and end all blockades on New York. From now on, no one is allowed to mention the matter of Sifang Baozhuang.”

“Okay father.” David nodded and informed quickly.

The comprehensive sea, land and air blockade that had been imposed on New York by various U.S. departments was lifted after David made a phone call.

This also means that the Rothschild family has completely given up on the Sifang Palace.

Two hours later, Steve took his son Royce and flew back to the Rothschild Manor after a dusty journey.

As soon as the father and son got off the helicopter, they hurried to the special care unit of the medical center to visit their old man.

At this time, basically all the core members of the Rothschild family in New York have rushed back, and others are already on their way back to New York from all over the world.

They were standing guard in the living room outside the ward, sitting on the sofa, standing at the window, or pacing back and forth, but no one spoke.

They have different rights and responsibilities in the Rothschild family, but at the moment, they all feel the same frustration.

As Steve’s sons and grandsons, none of them wanted Steve to have a major physical change.

This is not because they are very filial, but they know that once the old man is ill, the rights will inevitably fall into the hands of the eldest brother as the heir. When their father is the emperor, they can sit back and relax, but when their brother is the emperor, they can’t sleep at all. Not practical.

At this moment, Steve hurried in with Royce.

When everyone saw the father and son coming, they all hurriedly came forward and looked at him respectfully, as if they were waiting for you, eldest brother, to take charge of the overall situation.

What’s more, David directly stepped forward and took Steve’s hand, choking and saying: “Brother, you are finally here! Everyone is waiting for you to make the decision. If you don’t come, none of us will have a backbone.” …”

Others scolded David bloody in their hearts.

Damn it, everyone wants to be a dog wagging its tail and begging for mercy. Why are you the first to stick out your tongue and lick it?

So, everyone could only echo in a few words: “Yes, brother, we are all waiting for you to come!”

In fact, these people misunderstood David.

In fact, David did not take the initiative to lick Steve, his elder brother. He had studied “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” some time ago, and also studied some ancient Chinese political works. He deliberately wanted to take this opportunity to praise Steve, and he first tried his best to praise him. He lets him float, and the higher he floats, the more likely he is to make mistakes.

After all, the old man is not dead yet, and he has great power. At this time, if the eldest brother Steve makes a mistake because he is praised by everyone, he will probably be thrown into the cold palace by the old man.

In fact, David didn’t want to compete for the position of heir. He just felt that the old man’s continued reign was the best situation for his sons who were not heirs. It was much better than any brother succeeding to the throne.

When Steve saw so many brothers surrounding him like stars, he naturally felt particularly happy.

In the past few decades, everyone has been brothers, and there has always been no class gap between them. Now, he is finally going to take that crucial step. From now on, these people will no longer be his brothers, but his ministers.

However, when Steve came, he had just been warned by charlie Wade, and the corner of his mouth that could not be suppressed was suppressed, and his impetuous and excited heart also calmed down a lot, so at this time, he was complimented by everyone, although he benefited , but his brows were always furrowed, with a look of anxiety and sadness on his face.

Immediately, he shook his head with a painful expression and said: “You idiots must remember that at any time, my father is the only leader of the Rothschild family, the backbone of all of us, and the entire family. The hope of the Rothschilds.”

All those who had falsely complimented Steve were stunned at this moment.

The first thought that comes to everyone’s mind is, Ouch?

The Steve at this moment is no longer the Steve they were familiar with. The current Steve is a bit scary because of his deep city. He can say such words immediately. Is he still a human being?

At this time, Steve asked very anxiously: “Can any of you tell me how my father is doing now? What did the medical team say? Can I go in to visit his old man?”

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