The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6457

Steve asked several questions in a row, quickly, loudly and emotionally. To the ears of the other brothers, it was like the British soldiers in World War I heard the craziness of the German Maxim heavy machine guns firing nearly a thousand rounds per minute. roar.

David was the most panicked. He really didn’t expect that everyone would praise Steve, but Steve would not accept this at all.

Not only did he not accept this trick, but he suddenly came up with a counter-attack.

As long as the old man hears his rapid fire of Maxim, in the old man’s opinion, it means that he and the other brothers ignored the old man on the sickbed and instead rushed to fawn over his eldest brother Steve immediately.

Doesn’t this mean stealing the chicken but losing the rice?

Just when David didn’t know how to respond, the door of the special care unit suddenly opened, and a doctor came out and said: “Mr. Steve Rothschild, your father wants to see you!”

When Steve heard this, he was even more excited and thought to himself: “Great, it seems that the old man heard what I just said!”

David, on the other hand, looked frustrated. If he had known this would be the result, even if he were beaten to death, he would not praise his elder brother.

Soon, Steve stepped into the ward and saw the father on the hospital bed who already had some resemblance to Hawking.

Howard was in the hospital bed just now when he heard the noise outside and was very satisfied with Steve’s performance.

In this world, almost all top family leaders have the same contradictory and complex mentality when facing their chosen heirs.

On the one hand, I really want to pass on the position of head of the family to him in the future, but on the other hand, I don’t want him to succeed too early, and I want to delay it as long as possible.

Moreover, I don’t want him to show any excitement and expectation about inheriting the position of the head of the family, and I don’t want him to have any arrogant behavior before inheriting the position of the head of the family.

If Steve had dared to follow the compliments of his younger brothers and say even a casual polite word outside, Howard would have been furious and full of anger and dissatisfaction with him.

Fortunately, Steve’s performance exceeded his expectations and, in his opinion, was perfect.

Steve had an expert to guide him from behind, so when he entered the ward and saw Howard on the bed, his expression was particularly sad.

With tears in his eyes, he quickly walked to the hospital bed in a few steps, knelt down on one knee in front of the hospital bed, looked at his father, and asked painfully: “Father, how do you feel? I was worried all the way when I came here…”

Howard was extremely moved and stammered: “I…I’m not bad, good son, you don’t have to worry…”

After saying that, Howard sighed and said with emotion: “The doctor said… that I am hemiplegic… and that in the future, it may be… difficult… to fully recover…”

When Steve heard this, he was overjoyed and his face was filled with grief. He turned around, looked at the doctor and asked loudly: “Is there any way you can make my father return to his former self?!”

The doctor quickly explained: “Young master, no one in the world can recover from a stroke like this. Not to mention that my husband is over eighty years old. Even a twenty-year-old football player can recover after the injury. It’s impossible to completely recover as before…”

Steve said loudly: “I don’t care what methods you use, you must try your best to help my father recover. Our Rothschild family cannot do without his guidance!”

When Howard heard his words, he felt extremely comfortable, as if someone had stuffed a scalding hot water bottle into his arms while walking in the wind and snow in the cold winter.

So, he said to Steve: “Steve, no… don’t embarrass the doctor… don’t embarrass the doctor… I… I… this time… maybe… maybe really want… to…”

When Steve heard this, without waiting for his father to say anything else, he quickly held his hand and said with red eyes: “Father, don’t worry, you will live a long life! I will invite stroke experts from all over the world to New York Come for your consultation, and one day you will be able to regain your former style!”

Howard smiled tremblingly and nodded slightly.

Then, he sighed and continued: “I… I plan to… plan to retire… Steve… in the future… in the future… the future of the Rothschild family… just… just… I’ll leave it all to you to take charge of it!”

Steve was overjoyed in his heart, and the corners of his mouth were about to turn up uncontrollably, but then he thought of charlie Wade’s earnest teachings, and quickly lowered his head to prevent Howard from seeing his expression, and said sadly and angrily: “Father…I We are not ready yet, and the Rothschild family cannot lose your leadership immediately. You should focus on recuperating and recovering first, and we will wait until you recover!”

Howard shook his head: “I…I don’t want…to let outsiders see what I am…now, so…you…you come to take over my class and lead the Roth…Rothschild family to continue… keep going……”

After saying that, Howard said again: “I…I have made up my mind…and you…don’t need to…you don’t need to persuade me anymore…”

Steve hadn’t acted enough yet and continued: “Father, let’s wait until you recover! I will do nothing during this period. I will stay in New York, by your side, and concentrate on your rehabilitation training!”

Howard said happily: “You… you can have… can have this kind of heart… I… I am… very happy… this… let’s do this… you go back… go back and prepare, the rest… Others may still…still on their way back…wait…wait tomorrow, I will hold…a family meeting…meeting…then…I will…announce…to everyone… Announce my decision…”

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