The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6458

 Hearing his old father say these words with difficulty, Steve’s heart was already beating rapidly with excitement.

  Although he had been manipulated by charlie Wade and forced by charlie Wade to betray his father and family in the past two days, at this moment, he couldn’t help but want to yell: “charlie Wade is awesome!”

  Immediately, he sighed in his heart: ” charlie Wade is really a god! The development direction of the whole thing is simply developing according to charlie Wade’s script!” “

  I helped him send the Sifang Baozhuang back to China. As soon as the news came out, my father fell ill and lost his life. In order to continue to be in charge of the family, several other brothers and grandchildren also lost the opportunity to make contributions in this incident. As the eldest son and the original heir of the family, I naturally took over the position of being the helmsman of the family! “

  What is perfection? This is F*cking perfect! If my son could be half as good as charlie Wade, I would be satisfied!”

  Steve sighed in his heart, and said to Howard with a very respectful face: “Father, then you first Recuperate well, I’ll have a good chat with the doctors, discuss the best rehabilitation plan, and let you start rehabilitation training as soon as possible!”

  Howard was very satisfied with Steve’s performance.

  The rich family is so cruel. When he was hit by the disease, his son got a huge fortune.

  The more this happens, the easier it is for a father to feel dissatisfied and even resent his own son.

  But Steve was impeccable from the moment he walked in the door.

  He has a conscience, a filial piety, a general understanding, and an understanding of the overall situation, but you can’t see any excitement or excitement in him.

  When a son can do this, the father is naturally very pleased, and it happens to be at this sensitive stage.

  So, Howard nodded slightly and said to him: “You… you go ahead and inform everyone… tomorrow… there will be a meeting in Conference Room No. 1 at ten… ten o’clock tomorrow morning. By… then, I will announce to the world that you… Steve… Rowe… Rothschild… will… become… the new… new… of the… Rothschild… family. Patriarch…”

  Steve said respectfully: “Everything will be done according to father’s arrangements. My son has only one wish, that you, father, get well as soon as possible. Everything else is unimportant!”

  After saying that, Steve also knew that a perfect marriage was going to happen. When performing, you need to be able to retract and release freely. You must not become addicted to acting and cause excessive exertion.

  So, he immediately said to Howard: “Father, I won’t disturb your rest. Doctor, please organize the relevant experts. If they are not here, let them prepare for the online meeting. We will have a meeting in ten minutes. “

  The doctor also knew that Steve in front of him would be the head of the Rothschild family from tomorrow, so he nodded without thinking and said: “Okay, young master, I will make arrangements right now!”

  Steve was about to leave. , Howard stopped him and asked: “Yes… that’s right… you… are… going to Canada… this time to talk… to… the Northern… Nordic female… Queen Helena… How is it?”

  Steve quickly said: “Father, we have already talked with Helena, and her attitude towards us is still very friendly. Unlike other royal families in Europe who want our money but don’t want to talk to us again. It’s too obviously involved.”

  After saying that, Steve added: “By the way, Helena heard that you were ill, and she also said that she would come to visit you in person after settling the matter in Canada. If she comes, should I find a reason to decline?”

  Howard sighed, and sighed: “I…I am…like this…sooner or later…I still can’t hide it, so…just let her come. Well…I…I’ll give it a try…see if I can…can it facilitate her alliance…marriage with Royce…if…if it can…then…then again…again It couldn’t be better…”

  The entire Rothschild family has always had a royal dream.

  But before the end of World War II, anti-Semitism was prevalent around the world. Although they could protect themselves and their wealth very well, it was really difficult for them to develop in depth with the European royal families. The attitude of all royal families towards them was:

  You have to give us money. flower? Yeah!

  Do you want to marry us? Get out of here!

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