The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6459

  Although it was not so direct after World War II, the core idea is still the same, except that everyone has become civilized, and they will not be so direct when asking for money, and they will not be so ruthless when refusing.

  Nowadays, Helena is very proactive and even comes from Canada to visit her. The royal family must have their own considerations when doing things. This shows that the Nordic royal family at least hopes to go further with the Rothschild family.

  Steve knew that he was about to officially take over the family. Helena coming here at this time would definitely add luster to his face, so he quickly said: “Father, I will contact Queen Helena later and see. It depends on her time.”

  Howard nodded: “Okay! I’ll leave it to you…”


  After Steve left the ward, he immediately arranged for the doctor to prepare the conference room, and he himself found a After closing the door in an empty room, he called charlie Wade.

  The call was connected, and charlie Wade’s voice came: “Steve, have you met your father?”

  ”Yes, yes!” Steve said diligently: “Mr. Wade, you are really good at predicting things, father. He said that he would summon all direct members of the family tomorrow and announce that I would take over as the patriarch of the family! Mr. Wade, this is all thanks to you!”

  charlie Wade smiled slightly and said: “You’re welcome, everything was paid for by your own efforts. Don’t forget the agreement you and I made before, Steve!”

  Steve said quickly: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, from now on, I will not hesitate to do anything you ask me to do. From!”

  Although Steve said this, he also had his own concerns in his heart.

  As long as he is firmly in the position of the clan leader, he no longer has to worry about being manipulated by charlie Wade. If charlie Wade dares to make a request that makes him dissatisfied, he will directly fall out with him. /

  However, now is the critical period when he is about to take over the family, and nothing can go wrong, so he naturally agrees.

  After saying that, he asked charlie Wade again: “By the way, Mr. Wade, I would also like to ask you to ask Queen Helena for me. She said that my father also hopes to see her. Let’s see what time is convenient for her. I will do it in advance. Be prepared.”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “Of course, the sooner the better for this kind of thing. If Helena goes there earlier, your father will definitely be more satisfied with you.”

  Steve said with a smile. : “You’re right! My father does attach great importance to this matter, Mr. Laoye, why don’t you bother!”

  charlie Wade asked him with a smile: “By the way, when does your father plan to officially announce that you will succeed the family patriarch? Steve

  blurted out: “Tomorrow morning at ten o’clock sharp! After the official announcement internally at ten o’clock, my father will announce the decision to the outside world. By then, I will be completely stable!”

  charlie Wade snorted. , said with a smile: “Okay, let Helena go there tomorrow morning, let her meet your old man first, and then let her witness your succession as the patriarch of the clan, which can be regarded as a compliment to you!”

  Steve The husband said happily: “That’s great, Mr. Wade! Thank you so much!”

  charlie Wade said casually: “Look, why are you being polite to me? Just tell the old man that Helena will arrive at the Rothschild family at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. However, Helena has a special status now. It’s best not to go there publicly. You can arrange it.” A helicopter will come to Canada to pick her up early tomorrow morning.”

  ”No problem!” Steve agreed and said excitedly: “I will personally take a helicopter to pick up Her Majesty the Queen tomorrow morning!”

  After that, he asked politely : “Mr. Wade, do you want to come with us?”

  charlie Wade smiled and said, “I won’t join in the fun. When you successfully succeed to the throne, I will have someone send you a congratulatory gift.”

  Steve smiled Said: “Oh, you are too polite. If I successfully succeed to the throne, I should have something to say. How can I accept your gift?”

  charlie Wade said casually: “Forget it, you and I don’t need to be polite here. When you succeed, We will have plenty of time to continue being polite when we succeed to the throne.”

  ”Okay!” Steve said with a smile, “I still have to thank you, Mr. Wade, everything is thanks to you!”

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