The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6460

 When Steve Rothschild thanked charlie from the bottom of his heart, charlie hung up the phone and started discussing with Helena how to pour cold water on him early tomorrow morning.

  Since Helena’s visit to Canada will end in two days, the schedule is relatively loose. In addition, Helena had previously announced that she was ill, so the Canadian side did not have a very full schedule.

  Tomorrow morning, Helena will have completely free time, but there will be a routine meeting and visit in the afternoon.

  So she could leave for New York to meet Howard at seven o’clock and be back by noon.

  What charlie Wade needed her to do wasn’t too difficult. After meeting Howard, she could get it done in half an hour.

  Since he experienced the charm of AI models last time, charlie Wade has been thinking about this new technology.

  He couldn’t think of any use for his AI yet, but he felt that this thing would be of great use to Wanlong Palace and Ys Shipping in the future.

  Even in the future battle of wits and courage with Po Qinghui, it should be able to play a considerable role.

  So, he informed Helena of his new version requirements and told her: “Helena, when you go to see Howard this time, in addition to asking him to collect money, you also want him to build you a set in Northern Europe that is similar to the one in Silicon Valley. The exact same AI model, and asked him to sign an agreement, promising that this AI model will be updated and upgraded in real time with the one in Silicon Valley, otherwise all the shares of that AI company will be compensated to the Nordic royal family.”

  Helena said without thinking: “Okay Mr. Wade, I will make it clear to him tomorrow.”

  After saying that, Helena asked again: “Mr. Wade, how will the AI ​​model you want be handed over to you then?”

  charlie Wade said: “This set of things , then leave it to Wanlong Palace for use. After the AI ​​model server is built in Northern Europe, I will ask them to send people to Northern Europe to take over. If you, the Nordic royal family, have relevant needs, you can use it at will.”

  Helen Na smiled and said: “I still don’t know what these AI models can be used for. Apart from me, the Nordic royal family is just old, weak, sick and disabled, and they don’t think they can use something as advanced as AI.”

  As she said, she added Said: “But Mr. Wade, don’t worry, when the server is placed in Northern Europe, it will definitely be safer than placing it in most places.”

  charlie Wade nodded, and said: “By the way, when I see Howard tomorrow, I must not Let other third parties be present, especially Steve.”

  ”Okay!” Helena said: “Then I will clearly request to meet Howard alone.”

  After saying that, Helena asked again: “Mr. Wade, what else do you have? Do you want to give instructions?”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “After you reach an agreement with Howard, you have to ask Howard to agree to an additional condition.”

  Helena said: “Mr. Wade, please tell me.”

  charlie Wade said: “Let him I promise you, I will never tell anyone about the elixir, not even his son. If anyone asks why he suddenly recovered, let him always insist that it was a miracle or the manifestation of Jehovah. This is the answer.”

  With that, charlie Wade added: “Tell him, just say that you have a better pill. If he needs it in the future, you can discuss the price again, but the prerequisite is that he must agree to the additional pill. Conditions.”

  Helena nodded and said, “Okay, Mr. Wade, I’ve written it down.”

  charlie Wade added, “By the way, after everything is settled, remember to tell him the reason why you brought such a precious medicine. I went to see him because I was moved by his son Steve’s filial piety and helped Steve gain a better impression in front of him.”

  Helena asked puzzledly: “If Mr. Wade wants to restrain Steve, why? Do you want to help him get a good impression in front of Howard?”

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “Because Steve has a handle in my hands, and there are two prerequisites to ensure that this handle is most effective. The first point is that his father must continue to be in power. , the second point is that in his father’s mind, he must still be the first choice to inherit the Rothschild family. Only in this way can I handle him well. If one day he is regarded as an abandoned son by Howard, he himself will also If you give up on yourself, those handles will naturally be worthless.”

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