The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6461

  After saying that, charlie Wade added: “This kind of handles are collectively called black materials. It’s just like you know a certain gangster or little girl and know that this person is involved. When he has committed school violence and provided pornographic services, but this person himself is a pile of shit, this kind of black material is irrelevant to him, but what if one day this person is so lucky that he suddenly becomes a Big star, the black material in your hands is fatal enough to him. Helena

  nodded slightly and said with a smile: “Since Mr. Wade plans to provide pills to Howard in the future, does he want Steve to always be the first heir?” “

  ”right. “charlie Wade smiled and said: “At the very least, we have to let him sit in the position of heir safely for a few more years. In the past few years, there are handles to restrain him and pills to restrain his father, so naturally there will be. A magic weapon that binds the entire Rothschild family.

  After saying that, charlie Wade stood up and said, “You should have some activities in the afternoon, right? ” “

  ”Yes. “Helena nodded and said: “The Canadian side has arranged some visiting activities, and we will also attend an official dinner in the evening. “

  ”good. charlie Wade nodded and said, “Then you should pay attention to your own safety. I will go back to the United States in the afternoon.”

  Helena asked in surprise: “Mr. Wade, do you want to go back to the United States again? ” charlie Wade said: “

  Yes, all my matters in New York have been settled. You still have to wait two days before returning to Northern Europe. I have some matters that I need to communicate with my grandpa in person, so I won’t stay here for a long time.” “

  With that said, charlie Wade said again: “Uncle Zhou’s safety must be entrusted to you. I will let Wanlong Palace secretly assist, which can also provide a little more protection. Helena

  said without hesitation: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I will definitely send Mr. Zhou to China safely.” “

  charlie Wade nodded and said: “As for tomorrow, I wish you a successful start in advance! “

  After charlie Wade said goodbye to Helena, he went to Zhou Liangyun’s room to meet him again.

  charlie Wade informed Zhou Liangyun of his upcoming arrangements, and at the same time said very apologetically: “Uncle Zhou, I will not accompany you to Northern Europe this time. Yes, Helena will arrange everything. “

  Zhou Liangyun said respectfully: “Master Laoye is here! You go about your business first, and after I arrive in Aurous Hill, go and report to the young master as soon as possible! “

  charlie Wade nodded slightly and said: “This time Uncle Zhou returns to China, everything will start again. Helena will help you arrange a transitional status in Northern Europe. After you arrive in Aurous Hill, I will have someone arrange it for you. A new identity, a new identity that has never left China and has an impeccable background. “

  As he spoke, charlie Wade said again: “Uncle Zhou, although the Rothschild family has dropped the charges against you, if they know that you are still alive, they may not give up revenge on you, and this time The matter is very complicated. Even the Po Qing Society has focused on the Sifang Baozhuang and arranged for you to fake your death. Moreover, your body was completely destroyed in the fire. Both the Rothschild family and the Po Qing Society have no clues. It’s a dead end, so you may have to adapt to this state of suspended animation for a short period of time, and don’t have any contact with people you knew before, including your family in London. “

  Zhou Liangyun nodded and said: “Don’t worry, young master, when I did this, I was already prepared that I would never see my family again. “

  charlie Wade comforted: “Actually, it doesn’t take a lifetime. When I solve the Qing Dynasty one day, you can return to the United States as Peter Zhou openly, or reunite with your family openly. By then, a Ross The Childe family will definitely not cause any trouble! I will ask their family patriarch to come to your door in person to ask for your forgiveness.”

  Zhou Liangyun said firmly: “I believe that Master Wade will be able to completely eradicate the Poqing Society!” After

  that ! , he remembered something and said with a smile: “Master, you’d better help me find Zhou Liangyun’s identity, the same Zhou Liangyun before. As for this Zhou Liangyun’s identity, background and life history, it’s just like what I made up to Miss Moore;”

  ”That identity was just forged by me at the time, and it cannot withstand in-depth investigation and scrutiny. If the young master can put that information into the official background of the new identity and make it into a procedurally real identity, it will naturally be more credible. Then I will When I return to Aurous Hill, I can use this identity to show off in the market openly. During my time at Jiqingtang, I also met many people in the Aurous Hill antique circle, including your father-in-law, Mr. Wilson.”

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