The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6462

  charlie Wade couldn’t help but smile and said: “Zhou Uncle, your idea is a good one. If you return to Aurous Hill as Zhou Liangyun, your credibility will be higher, and you can quickly integrate into the antique circle of Aurous Hill and hide in the city.” After saying that,

  charlie Wade teased: “If my father-in-law knew that you had returned to Aurous Hill, he would probably still have lingering fears about what happened back then.”

  Zhou Liangyun said with a smile: “Fortunately, the person who slapped your father-in-law in the face was the security guard of Jiqingtang, not me. Otherwise, if your father-in-law saw me, I’m afraid you’ll have to fight with me.”

  charlie Wade smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, my father-in-law is a man with a bold mouth and will not do anything drastic.”

  After saying that, charlie Wade looked at Zhou Liangyun and asked, “Zhou Uncle, what are your plans when you arrive in Aurous Hill? Do you want to continue working in the antique industry?”

  Zhou Liangyun said: “I don’t have much ability, I just have been engaged in antiques for decades, so what I’m thinking now is, if Zhou Liangyun’s identity can be impeccable, , then I will go back to Aurous Hill and open a small antique shop. It doesn’t matter whether the business is good or bad. On the one hand, as you said, young master, being hidden in the city is only one of safety. In addition, I don’t have to hide in the dark all the time. Dare to see people; on the other hand, if the young master needs me for anything, he can always be there at my call.”

  charlie Wade felt that what Zhou Liangyun said was very reasonable. As Peter Zhou, the current status is that he is missing, but in Ross In the eyes of the Childe family, he had been burned to death together with Chen Zhimin. In the eyes of the Po Qinghui, he had disappeared from the world together with Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean, and they couldn’t even find Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean, whom they were extremely familiar with. It was impossible to skip these two people and go specifically to find Zhou Peter.

  Moreover, Zhou Liangyun’s identity was just an antique dealer who was born and raised in China. He worked his way up from Panjiayuan and was finally kicked out by Song Wanting in Ji Qingtang.

  As long as Zhou Liangyun needs to add some life experience after leaving Ji Qingtang, he will be able to integrate perfectly when he returns to Aurous Hill.

  What’s more, the Aurous Hill antique circle is very low-end. Most of them are scammers like Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) and two-handed swordsmen like his father-in-law Jacob. It is impossible for any of these people to recognize Zhou Peter from the Zhou family in North America.

  If Peter Zhou really opens a small shop on the Antique Street in Aurous Hill by then, he will definitely be inconspicuous.

  So, charlie Wade asked him: “Uncle Zhou, after I go back, I will confirm the identity of Zhou Liangyun for you. It’s just that you left Jiqingtang and returned to Aurous Hill this time. How do you plan to deal with the life experience in between?”

  Zhou Liangyun laughed. Said: “When the time comes, I will prepare a batch of inconspicuous antiques in advance. When I arrive in Aurous Hill, I will find some old acquaintances in the antique circle and go to Pan Ge’s shop on the antique street. I will tell the public that I will go to the northwest and southwest countryside to collect antiques during this period. I went there, saved some things, and felt unwilling to go to Aurous Hill, so I went back to Aurous Hill to open a store.”

  charlie Wade nodded: “This statement is more credible. I will arrange some for you when the time comes. You can take the train to the southwest and northwest. records, and also get some hotel accommodation records, and combine these records to make a bank statement. If anyone wants to check you, as long as everything in the past is traceable and logical, there should be no problem.”

  Zhou Liangyun cupped his hands and said gratefully: “Then it’s all down to Master Lao! I happen to have nothing to do these two days, so I took the time to sort out a more reasonable trajectory of actions in the past period, and send it to you when the time comes. You can ask someone to Just keep it as a file record according to the action trajectory I sorted out.”

  ”Okay.” charlie Wade nodded and asked him: “Uncle Zhou, do you have anything else to tell me?”

  Zhou Liangyun said hurriedly: “No. Do you dare? I have a question for the young master.”

  charlie Wade said: “Uncle Zhou, please tell me.”

  Zhou Liangyun asked him: “Has the young master read the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra”?”

  ”Not yet.” charlie Wade said Chen said truthfully: “I took out the photocopy of the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” with Sifang Baozhu at that time. However, I have never read the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” carefully. I originally planned to wait until I get back. I’ll take the time to study it carefully.”

  Zhou Liangyun nodded and said: “The content of “The Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” is profound and obscure. I just couldn’t figure out the reason after studying it, so I gave up. If you are interested, young master, you can My father also spent a lot of time researching and forgetting food and sleep for a long time before he gradually found the way, so Master, if your progress is not smooth at the beginning, don’t be too anxious, take your time, and you will eventually achieve something!”

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