The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6463

 In the afternoon, charlie Wade said goodbye to Helena and Zhou Liangyun, and set off back to the United States alone.

  It’s not that far from Ottawa to Burlington, but the border is a little more troublesome. However, the management of the US-Canada border is relatively lax, and there is no Rothschild family to keep an eye on it. For charlie Wade, it’s not a big deal. What a difficult thing.

  After successfully entering the United States, charlie Wade drove to Burlington, where his plane was already waiting and ready to take off.

  At this time, at the small airport dozens of kilometers away from Burlington International Airport, the Department of Homeland Security was still conducting an extremely detailed search of the Gulfstream G650, but nothing of value was found.

  The Department of Homeland Security also began to wonder whether this matter was a complete prank, or whether the intelligence officer had made a mistake. However, there was no turning back once the bow was fired, so they had to bite the bullet and deal with it. The case can only be closed if the plane is searched thoroughly.

  However, this will not affect the normal operation of Burlington International Airport at all.

  charlie Wade arrived at Burlington International Airport, passed customs smoothly, and boarded the special plane back home.

  At this moment, Sara brought Jadiel to the door of Anjia’s general aviation company that had temporarily closed down.

  After police investigation, it was determined that there were no casualties at the previous fire scene, so it was temporarily handled as a normal accident, so the police had already withdrawn.

  Due to the major accident that had just occurred at the General Aviation Company, Chen Zhimin is now missing, and no one has allocated funds for reconstruction, so the place has basically come to a standstill. Only one security guard is left on site to guard the gate, and everyone else has taken a vacation.

  When Sara and Jadiel walked to the door of the General Aviation Company, the security personnel outside the door said: “I’m sorry, you two, this place has stopped operating.”

  Sara glanced at him and said coldly: “Open the door.”

  The man’s expression Startled, she quickly opened the door and said respectfully: “Please.”

  Sara didn’t even look at him anymore and walked straight in, followed closely by Jadiel.

  He easily controlled several security guards, and then walked in with Jadiel in a swaggering manner.

  Sara feels that if we really want to find clues related to Chen Zhimin, this is the most critical place.

  At this time, inside the general aviation company, the burned-out helicopter hangar was shocking. Several helicopters that were originally going to park in the hangar could only park in the open space not far outside the hangar, covered up.

  Sara looked around and asked the security guard who followed him respectfully: “Is this place deserted and no one is taking care of it?” The

  security guard quickly replied: “Our general aviation company basically serves the An family. The An family used to be in the United States. At that time, it was very busy here. Later, after the An family left the United States, the workload here was reduced by most. Mr. Chen can’t be contacted now, and no one approved the funding requirement for reconstruction, so we had to stop it for now. 

  sara nodded and said calmly: “Okay, you don’t have anything to do here, please step back.”

  The security guard listened to the order and turned around and walked towards the gate without saying a word.

  Sara glanced at the helicopter hangar that had been burned to rubble and stepped inside.

  Standing in the center of the hangar, Sara closed her eyes, and the surging spiritual energy spread from her body, completely covering the entire hangar.

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