The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6464

  She carefully sensed all the details in the hangar, but she never found anything valuable, and her brows became more and more frowning.

  When Jadiel frowned, she knew that the progress might not be smooth, so after she opened her eyes, she asked cautiously: “Master Ying, have you discovered anything?” “

  No.” Sara shook her head and murmured “Strange, is there really no casualty in that fire? Otherwise, it is impossible for me to not feel it at all.”

  Jadiel quickly asked: “Master Ying, does that mean that there is a possibility that Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean are not dead?” ?”

  Sara nodded: “You can’t see people alive, and you can’t see corpses when dead. Naturally, there is a possibility that you are not dead. But I don’t understand, what reason does the other party have to absorb them two?”

  Jadiel said: “The other party must absorb them both. I think this can bring a big blow to the Po Qing Association, and I can also get no less information about the Po Qing Association from the two of them.”

  Sara waved her hand: “If you really want to hit them, kill them directly. Wouldn’t it be a bigger blow to me? What’s more, the other party has saved the An family from fire and water several times, so he must have a deep relationship with the An family. So since he has a deep relationship with the An family, how can he leave a way for Chen Zhimin, who has been undercover in the An family for more than ten years, to survive? “

  Jadiel asked in shock: “Master Ying, what do you mean, do you still prefer that they are dead?”

  ”Yes.” Sara nodded and said firmly: “Even if the bodies are not in this fire, they must be in other places.” Where, but what I can’t figure out is that since everything happened in the bustling metropolis of New York, the other party couldn’t have powerful weapons like close-range anti-cannons, so what method did they use to make Sean Bolian die in the explosion? You die without any chance?”

  Sara has been instilling the significance of opening the Niwan Palace to the four earls for so many years. The four of them are convinced that opening the Niwan Palace can protect the soul from death. As long as they encounter danger, Unable to escape, they will definitely open Niwan Palace as soon as possible.

  As long as the Niwan Palace is opened, the formations left in their Niwan Palace will be destroyed. If it is destroyed in a prosperous city like New York, no building within a few hundred meters will be spared.

  Just when Sara couldn’t figure out the logic, she looked around and suddenly saw something, so she immediately walked towards the center of the hangar.

  In the center of the ruins of the hangar, a burned-to-skeleton helicopter stood alone.

  The helicopter had a total of four rotors, which were criss-crossed in a criss-cross shape, and there seemed to be some less obvious damage to the tail of one of the rotors.

  Sara immediately stepped forward and carefully observed the small damage on the rotor. Her heart suddenly thumped and she said, “I know how Uncle Sean died.”

  Jadiel followed up and asked in surprise: “Master Ying, How did Uncle Sean die?”

  Sara said with a gloomy face, “If I guessed correctly, he should have been decapitated by this rotor.”

  Jadiel was suddenly shocked: “How could such a bizarre thing happen?!”

  Sara said coldly: “The damage on the rotor is the same as the width of a human cervical vertebra. Normally, it is impossible for this kind of part to suffer such inconspicuous damage. Moreover, on the night of the incident, Chen Zhimin flew the helicopter to Manhattan. The top floor of the hospital, and Sean happened to be staring at the antique dealer in Manhattan Hospital at that time… Several key factors appeared in Manhattan Hospital, and it is very reasonable for the other party to use them to cut off Sean’s head.”

  Jadiel was puzzled. Question: “It’s impossible for Uncle Sean to make such a stupid mistake. You just said that he didn’t even have a chance to die before he died. So, someone took advantage of him and stuffed his head directly into the rotor. ?”

  ”That should be the case.” Sara sighed and said seriously: “The person who killed him should be the same person who killed Uncle Nakul and Uncle Willie.”

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