The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6465

 Hearing Sara’s words, Jadiel was shocked and blurted out: “Master Ying, you… why do you think so?”

  Sara said: “Because he has killed Uncle Willie and witnessed Uncle Willie’s death, so he knows , we cannot give Uncle Sean a chance to die. We must kill Uncle Sean with one strike. Therefore, he will use such an alternative method to kill people.”

  After saying that, Sara added: “I really didn’t expect that he turned out to be like a ghost. It’s everywhere, and what I didn’t expect was that Williebo’s death did not cause much harm to him. Not long after, he killed another count of mine!”

  Jadiel asked: “Master Ying, There was a fire not long ago here. Doesn’t this mean that this person is also in New York at the moment?!”

  Sara gritted her teeth and said: “If my guess is correct, then the current situation is that the enemy is in the dark and we are in the clear. He must know that I am coming. I left New York, so he is definitely not here now. Moreover, he killed Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean before I landed, secretly sent the Sifang Baozhuang back to China, and deliberately rented a plane to fly to China in the name of Chen Zhimin to interfere. He grasped my vision and time rhythm very accurately, which proves that he not only knew that I came to New York, he completely grasped my movements, and he already knew it from the moment I set off.”

  Jadiel said hurriedly: “Master Ying, all the crew members have been dealt with. This time I plan to directly transfer a few direct descendants from the Wu family to serve as the crew of your special plane.”

  Sara said: “Since the other party already knows my whereabouts, then I The plane is no longer safe. Go and prepare a new plane. When you are ready, don’t come to New York. Let the plane wait in Philadelphia.”

  Jadiel asked hurriedly: “Master, are you planning to leave the United States?”

  ”Well.” Sara said: “That person will never return to New York. Maybe he has left the United States. There is no point in staying here. Besides, I am in the open, so it is safer to leave as soon as possible.” 

  Jadiel asked: “What about the Rothschild family? These bastards are covering the sky in New York and ruining your moral integrity. Why don’t you teach them a lesson?”

  Sara said lightly: “Here, of course I will. I can’t wait to take some out before I leave.” Time, just kill him all over.”

  After saying that, Sara added: “However, you have also seen their influence in the United States. It is easy to kill them for temporary pleasure, but after killing them, they are likely to become members of the US government. Dead enemy, we cannot provoke the government of such a powerful country. We still have to deal with this matter slowly.”

  After saying that, Sara said coldly: “Investigate the information of all the marriageable young people of the Rothschild family and try to send a few scholars to them. ‘Go in.”

  Jadiel said respectfully: “Master, most of the Rothschild family’s marriage partners are Jewish. They are relatively traditional. It may be difficult for ‘scholars’ to get in…”

  Sara waved her hand and said: “Let Wu Yongzhen Find a way, I just want results.”

  Jadiel immediately said: “I obey your orders!”

  When Sara decided to send the ‘scholar’ to the Rothschild family, charlie Wade’s special plane had already taken off from Burlington International Airport, carrying Follow him back to China.

  He didn’t know if Sara could find clues about Chen Zhimin and Zhong Yongbo in New York, but he wasn’t worried. Even if Sara could find evidence that the two were killed, it would be impossible to find their bodies, let alone anything related to them. Clues about him.

  If they find clues that the Rothschild family sent people to the scene to destroy evidence, then the Rothschild family will probably be in big trouble.

  However, charlie Wade does not feel any guilt about this, because he knows very well that the Rothschild family is not innocent at all. If they had not tried their best to find Zhou Liangyun, how could they have anything to do with the Po Qing Society?

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