The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6466

  Everything is just their own fault.

  For charlie Wade, this trip to the United States was full of rewards.

  He rescued Zhou Liangyun, sent him back to the Sifang Baozhu, and killed Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean.

  Chen Zhimin is the An family’s biggest enemy, and Uncle Sean is Sara’s last earl. Now that both of them have been eliminated, it is another big loss for Poqinghui.

  The only people who could still make charlie Wade feel threatened by the current Po Qing Meeting were the three elders who were about to open the Niwan Palace, apart from Sara himself.

  charlie Wade is not in a hurry to continue fighting guerrillas with Po Qinghui. He feels that now is a good opportunity for the two sides to have a temporary truce. Sara does not dare to get involved in China. After he returns, he can peacefully study the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” in Aurous Hill. “, and at the same time, study the photo album left by his father to see if there are any other clues.

  Moreover, China is now safe. charlie Wade feels that it is time for his wife Claire to go home. He asked Fei Kexin to invite her to the United States for so many days, and he misses her very much.

  So, he used the satellite network on the special plane to make a WeChat call to Fei Kexin.

  The phone was connected, and Fei Kexin’s voice came: “Mr. Wade, do you have anything to do with me?”

  charlie Wade asked her: “Ms. Fei, how is the progress of your project now? When can Claire reasonably withdraw? Leave?”

  Fei Kexin thought for a while and replied respectfully: “Mr. Wade, Claire plays a more important role in the project. she is one of the three core designers, and this project is very large. If we really want to do it, It will take at least half a year to complete the preliminary design work and all handovers before construction.”

  charlie Wade asked: “Is there any way for her to escape smoothly?”

  Fei Kexin said helplessly: “If I fall out with Claire, If she opens it, she will be able to get away smoothly, but that would be too cruel. Opening someone without a suitable reason will mean that she will not be friends in the future.”

  charlie Wade said: “Don’t be so extreme, otherwise she will definitely feel bad in her heart. It’s uncomfortable.”

  After saying that, charlie Wade asked her again: “How much is your investment in this project?”

  Fei Kexin said: “About one billion U.S. dollars. Currently, 300 million have been invested.”

  charlie Wade said, “Okay, ten million dollars.” I’ll pay you $100 million. Please sort out some contract issues first. Let’s just say that there is a legal dispute over the land acquisition procedures. Currently, the project needs to be temporarily suspended until the legal team follows up and resolves the dispute before it can continue. Then you can temporarily suspend the project. Stop it and let Claire go back to Aurous Hill first. Then you can restart it when the time is right. When the time comes, you can come forward and ask her to continue helping you complete this project. I will let Claire decline politely.”

  In charlie Wade’s view, the work itself is It’s like working hard, then fading, and finally exhausting yourself. When you go to help a friend on a project, you naturally want to finish it off in one go. However, if something goes wrong in the middle, you have to come back first, and this energy will be relaxed, and you can do it yourself. Ask Fei Kexin to stop the project for a longer period of time, and then start it suddenly after his wife Claire has more things to do, and it will be difficult for her to leave even if she wants to.

  Moreover, Fei Kexin asked Claire for help in the name of “emergency”. Once the project is suspended, she will have enough reasons to sort it out slowly. By then, whether Claire can help or not will not be so important.

  When Fei Kexin heard charlie Wade’s solution, she immediately said: “Mr. Wade is too polite. This little money is nothing to the Fei family. I will first find a reasonable reason to suspend the project indefinitely. What? When you need to come back to the United States, I will restart.”

  charlie Wade was stunned when he heard this, and subconsciously wanted to decline, but after thinking about it carefully, it was really impossible to say this kind of thing. If a similar situation happens again in the future, Fei Chen would Kexin’s place is really a good choice for settling his wife, so he doesn’t want to completely block this road.

  So, he said: “Then I’ll leave it to Miss Fei to handle it.”

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