The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6468

Because charlie Wade is not in Aurous Hill, Ito Nanako has been studying martial arts wholeheartedly for the past few days. She simply lives in the dormitory of Champs Elysees most of the time, and only occasionally comes back to accompany her father.

  Yesterday, Takehiko Ito missed his daughter, so he had someone prepare a sumptuous Japanese banquet. He called Nanako Ito back, and the father and daughter had a meal together.

  Banquets are generally sumptuous and complicated, and it is common to eat a meal in two or three hours, so Ito Nanako did not rush back to the Champs Elysees last night, but stayed at home for one night.

  In order not to delay her morning practice, she got up quickly at dawn, washed briefly, and prepared to drive to the Champs-Elysees.

  When taking the elevator to the basement and passing by the ninth floor, the elevator slowly stopped, the car door opened, and a young woman about the same age as Ito Nanako stepped into the elevator.

  Ito Nanako didn’t pay attention. The woman entered the elevator while making a phone call and said mysteriously: “Oh, I didn’t expect it to be so early. I just heard from a layman inside Qixia Temple that the famous Master Jingqing was taught by Master Jingqing.” I have been invited to come to Qixia Temple to give a lecture. I will arrive in an hour or two. I heard that I will take some time to consecrate and bless the believers. The amulets consecrated and blessed by Master Jingqing are very effective. I plan to ask for one for my husband. He lives in the world every year. Flying around and running around, asking for an amulet to protect him.”

  Another woman on the other end of the phone asked curiously: “You can get amulets from every temple, what’s so surprising about the one blessed by Master Jingqing?”

  Then The woman said: “Master Jingqing is very famous. He is invited to preach Buddhism all over the world all year round. Every time he lectures, he will consecrate and bless magic weapons for some believers for free. He lectured at Mount Putuo some time ago, and the tickets for Mount Putuo were sold out for a week in a row. , the magic weapons blessed by him are resold in the circle of believers for prices starting from six figures.”

  As she said that, the woman added: “Xinxin helped her husband in Mount Wutai last year to ask for a magic weapon that was consecrated and blessed by Master Jingqing. The amulet was involved in a series of car accidents on the highway last year and was rear-ended by an overloaded truck. He was the only one alive among the eight people in the three vehicles. He was fine but the amulet was broken. Do you think this thing is quite effective?”

  Then The woman said in surprise: “I only knew that her husband was in a car accident last year, and I didn’t know about it.”

  At this time, the elevator had reached the underground garage. After the elevator door opened, the woman walked out and said: “Master, this is The matter of my second visit to Aurous Hill has not been announced to the public yet, and it is estimated that it will be announced tonight. Once the news is announced, devout believers from hundreds of kilometers around will probably want to see the Master, and it will be difficult to arrange it by then, so I plan to Go there early and wait, if you are interested, we will go there together.”

Nanako Ito followed the woman out of the elevator. She has been studying martial arts recently, and her hearing has also improved, so she can still hear the woman on the phone saying excitedly: “Then I will prepare now. Where can we meet?”

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