The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6469

  the woman said. : “You go out to the gate of the community now, and I will pick you up there.”

  Nanako Ito couldn’t help but feel secretly moved when she heard this.

  Inspired by the memory of her mother during her lifetime, she has always believed in Buddhism and can be considered a devout Buddhist believer.

  When I was in Kyoto, I often went to the Kinkakuji Temple to worship Buddha and make offerings. Last time, for charlie Wade, I went to the Kinkakuji Temple to pray for a royal guard for him.

  Now she suddenly heard that a well-known eminent monk from China was coming to Qixia Temple to give lectures and also be blessed with amulets. The first thing she thought of was to ask for one for charlie Wade.

  Although charlie Wade’s strength is already the strongest Nanako has ever seen, in her opinion, the theological or metaphysical blessing of religion itself is another kind of soft power beyond hard power. In a sense, , is also essential.

  It’s like although soldiers have powerful weapons and equipment, they still pray for God’s blessing deep in their hearts before going to the battlefield.

  So, Ito Nanako took two steps quickly, caught up with the woman in front of her, and said with an apologetic look: “Sorry to bother you, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your phone call, I just heard you talking about the amulet, so I would like to ask you a question How can I ask Master Jingqing to consecrate and bless an amulet?”

  The woman was slightly startled, and then said with a smile: “This is simple, you go directly to the Dharma and Martial Arts Circulation Office of Qixia Temple and say that you are invited to visit Jingqing. It’s a mage. The master there will take you to the Xiangtang to wait. Not many people know this news. You should have a chance if you go there early!”

  Ito Nanako quickly thanked you: “Thank you so much!”

  ”You’re welcome.” The woman She smiled and said, “You live here too. We should be neighbors, right?”

  ”Yes.” Nanako Ito nodded and said, “My home is on the 21st floor.”

  The woman smiled and said, “I live on the ninth floor and I just bought it a few days ago. I moved here because my husband is busy with business in other places all year round. I basically live here alone. You can come and play with me when you have time.” After that

  , the other party did not wait for Ito Nanako’s reply and said: “Let’s not talk about it for now. “Yes, I have to pick up my friend quickly. Her home is in the opposite direction from Purple Mountain. It will take a lot of time on the way. You should hurry up and go first. The sooner the better.”

  Ito Nanako quickly thanked her and watched the other party get in the car and drive away. After that, he got into the car and started the car to go to Qixia Temple.

The two cars left the basement of Tomson Yipin one after another. Then one went to the left and the other to the right, and soon the distance was widened.

  After driving for a few minutes, the woman in the car in front picked up the phone and dialed. After the call was connected, she said: “Sister Sun, Nanako Ito should have already left for Qixia Temple.” On the

  other side, after receiving the call, Sister Sun spoke Said: “Okay, I understand, she didn’t doubt you, right?”

  The woman replied: “Probably not, besides, even if there is suspicion, it can withstand scrutiny. I have lived here for several days, so I am not afraid of her checking.”

  Sister Sun He smiled slightly and said: “Okay, you go pick up Xiao Liu and rush here as usual. But if everything goes well, Ito Nanako should have left by the time you arrive. But for the whole show, you come here first.”

  ”Okay Sister Sun.”

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