The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6476

  Master Jingqing said sadly: “In this world, there are donors with such wisdom, I am afraid that I can’t even get it together with one hand. Buddhism can give you a deeper understanding and understanding. If the donor wastes this talent, it will be a big loss for all Buddhist disciples.” Nanako Ito shook her head and

  said: “I believe in Buddhism. , because I feel that Buddhism can make people kind and peaceful, and at the same time it can also provide more spiritual sustenance. Just like I go to a restaurant to eat, you can’t force me to stay in the restaurant and be a cook, right?”

  Master Jingqing He quickly said: “Amitabha, the poor monk is not asking the benefactor to stay, but is persuading the benefactor to stay. The benefactor just used a restaurant as an analogy. Although the logic is similar, the realm and meaning are not necessarily the same. A restaurant can make people full of food. If a good chef develops a good recipe, it can make people eat nutritionally balanced meals, even make people feel happy, and sublimate their taste buds. It may also have the effect of strengthening the body, curing diseases and saving lives, but good restaurants and good recipes do not. The ability to save all sentient beings.”

  At this point, Master Jingqing added: “Actually, every religion has its own classics. The reason why it can be spread from the era of slash-and-burn farming to modern times with advanced science and technology is still spreading. , has far-reaching influence, because its underlying logic is a universal value established on the basis of people-centeredness. What it explains is a deeper and more original human nature.” After that,

  Master Jingqing asked Nanako: “Does the donor know? , Why is it that today, when modern technology is so advanced and productivity surpasses that of the ancients, many people still regard scriptures from thousands of years ago as beacons on the road to life?”

  Nanako Ito shook her head in confusion: “I… didn’t think about it carefully. “Past…”

  Master Jingqing said: “Actually, the difference between ancient people and modern people is not only that the development of science and technology and the broadening of their horizons are much worse than today’s people, but also means that the lives and thoughts of ancient people were simpler and purer, and closer to people.

  ”They can spend a lifetime thinking about one or two philosophical issues, and they will not be affected by today’s prosperous world of materialism. This makes their depth in philosophical issues far beyond their impetuousness. ” Utilitarian modern man.

  ”This is why all the great thinkers from the East and the West appeared around 400 BC to 300 BC. In the East there are Laozi, Confucius, and Mencius, while in the West there are Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. ” Virtue;”

  ”The birth of Buddha was one or two hundred years earlier than these Eastern and Western philosophers;”

  ”These wise men among the ancients were geniuses with great wisdom. After spending his whole life thinking about the underlying logic of life and writing his own experiences into a book, this book has become a classic in the true sense. “

  No matter how society develops, people are still human beings, and the more society develops, the more people’s energy is dispersed. Therefore, the more society develops, the more it highlights the most profound philosophy of the ancients. This is why the three major religions Believers have always regarded the scriptures written more than two years ago as a beacon on the road of life. Countless people have repeatedly studied the scriptures written more than 2,000 years ago, just to get more inspiration from them. “

  Ito Nanako pursed her lips, looked down at her toes, and then looked at Master Jingqing. She thought for a long time and didn’t know what to say, so she slowly raised her thumbs up and timidly said: “S… Si Guoyi …”

  Si Guoyi is the pronunciation of sugoi in Japanese, which roughly means: wow, so awesome.

  Master Jingqing was a top student before he became a monk. In addition, he has already been enlightened and traveled around the world for many years.

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