The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6478

Ito Nanako said “Si Guoyi” twice in succession, which made Master Jingqing somewhat vulnerable.

  He is not a dull person, and naturally knows that this is Ito Nanako’s way of rejecting him. While feeling regretful, he can’t help but reflect on himself: “I just feel that this donor has extraordinary wisdom. If he is willing to convert to Buddhism and study the classics, he will definitely have a better understanding of the classics.” A profound understanding, if so, is the blessing of all believers, but this matter is just wishful thinking on my part…”

  Thinking of this, he sighed again and again in his heart: “It’s sin, my wife asked me to help her enlighten her. Enlightenment, I wholeheartedly persuaded her to convert to Buddhism…”

  So, he recited a few verses silently, and then said: “Donor, the poor monk just talked too much, I hope you can forgive me.”

  Nanako Ito nodded lightly . : “It doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t persuade me to become a monk again.”

  After saying that, Ito Nanako took out the bag of tips from her pocket and asked carefully: “Master, I wonder if you can also consecrate and bless an amulet for me. ?”

  Master Jingqing nodded and asked her: “Does the donor want to copy the Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra by himself?” “

  Yes.” Nanako took out the paper and pen given by the little monk earlier and said, “I can Can you copy it here?”

  ”Of course you can.” Master Jingqing pointed to a writing desk under the lecture desk and said, “Donor, please copy the scriptures in front of the writing desk.”

  Nanako nodded and thanked, then came to the writing desk and put her palm in front of the desk. He put the piece of paper on the desk and wrote ten words of “Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra” on the paper with a thin brush.

  Master Jingqing stood aside and watched silently. When he saw Nanako’s calligraphy, he couldn’t help but be amazed. He didn’t expect that this young Japanese girl could actually write well.

  Seeing that Nanako began to write the scriptures by hand without any lag in her hand, Master Jingqing knew that Nanako must have read the scriptures well and knew the contents of the scriptures by heart.

  When Nanako finished writing all the 260 words of the Heart Sutra, she slowly put down the pen. Master Jingqing on the side asked: “Since the donor is familiar with the Heart Sutra, have you ever tried to teach it according to the scriptures?” So, to explore the ‘unconscious world’ mentioned in the scriptures?”

  Nanako asked curiously: “You are talking about the ‘no eyes and ears, nose, tongue, body and mind, colorless sound, fragrance, touch, no vision, and even the unconscious world’ in the scriptures. The unconscious world?”

  Master Jingqing nodded and said seriously: “Without eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind, without color, sound, fragrance, touch, it means that there are no six roots and six dusts, and there are no six consciousnesses arising from the six dusts to the six roots. Look at the boundaries that can be seen, and no longer insist on feeling the eighteen realms of the six roots, six dusts, and six consciousnesses. In this way, the six roots are pure, spotless, thoughts are free, and all dharmas are empty.”

  Nanako was confused. asked: “Just like a Buddha statue, don’t think about anything?”

  Master Jingqing shook his head and said: “That’s not the case. At that time, the poor monk also thought that the true void of all dharmas means abandoning all attachments and falsehoods. But later after a After the guidance of a mentor, I realized that in fact, all dharmas are empty, and we can also understand it in another way.”

  Nanako was even more confused: “Since all dharmas are empty, everything does not exist, what other explanation is there? ?”

  Master Jingqing said: “Another method is to abandon all the body’s senses and distracting thoughts about the outside world, and use a method similar to Taoist introspection to return consciousness to the sea of ​​consciousness. Once the consciousness returns to the sea of ​​consciousness, it will I found that originally, people opened their eyes and looked at the stars in the sky. Although they were looking at the universe, what they saw was just a speck of dust in the universe. But after returning to the sea of ​​consciousness, people seemed to close their eyes. , look at the entire universe outside the universe! The sense of openness that the entire universe is in front of you is an unprecedented new realm. I think that may be the unconscious realm mentioned by the Buddha.”

  Nanako murmured: “Close your eyes Look at the entire universe? What you said is a bit abstract, I can’t quite understand it…”

  Master Jingqing said: “The poor monk said it another way.”

  After that, he said in a solemn tone: “Open your eyes, you are just standing on the earth. Go up, look at the sky in front of you, close your eyes and enter the unconscious world, the earth will become a globe in front of you, everything is under your control and you can have a panoramic view!”

  Nanako frowned: “I like the method of endoscopic observation. I have figured out a little bit, but… I have never had the feeling of closing my eyes and looking at the universe…”

  Master Jingqing exclaimed: “The donor actually knows the method of endoscopic observation?”

  Nanako nodded: “I know a little bit. But I can’t confirm whether it’s true.”

  Master Jingqing asked: “Can the donor tell the poor monk how to do it?”

  Nanako thought for a while and said: “I study martial arts and use my true energy to circulate the meridians throughout my body. , as if all the meridians of the whole body are visible…”

  Master Jingqing shook his head and said: “This is not a true endoscopic view, it can only be regarded as a kind of self-perception in the body. What this kind of endoscopic view can see is one’s own internal organs, Meridians, Dantian, and Niwan Palace, and the true inner vision, not only to close your eyes and look at all things in the universe, but also to at least peek into your own Zifu, which is the true origin of spiritual consciousness!” “

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