The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6479

  Zifu! ?” Nanako asked doubtfully: “What is Zifu?”

  Master Jingqing said: “Although I study Buddhism, an inside view of Zifu is the key to Taoist practice. Zifu is a place where monks store spiritual energy and true energy in Taoist classics. place, but the sea of ​​consciousness mentioned in Buddhism is also in Zifu.

  ”Sea of ​​consciousness? ” Nanako was even more puzzled: “This concept… I seem to have never heard of it.” Master Jingqing said: “

  The Lankavatara Sutra mentions that the sea of ​​hidden consciousness is always there and is moved by the wind in the realm.” All kinds of waves of consciousness leap and reincarnate, which is the sea of ​​consciousness. Nanako

  thought of something and suddenly exclaimed: “The sea of ​​consciousness is that boundless ocean that always pushes consciousness outward?”

  Master Jingqing asked with a look of shock: “Can the donor already feel the ocean? ” Is it an ocean that is boundless, windless, waveless, and bottomless?

  Nanako nodded: “That’s right. “

  Master Jingqing blurted out excitedly: “That is the sea of ​​consciousness! “

  After that, he asked again: “Did the donor find the sea of ​​consciousness by himself? ” Nanako

  thought for a while: “Well, martial arts masters teach us that endoscopic vision is to sense the meridians and Dantian, but I somehow ended up in that sea.” “

  When she was studying martial arts with Hong Changqing in Champs-Élysées, Nanako once tried to peer inside. She found the sea of ​​consciousness without any teacher, but Aurora, who was practicing together, couldn’t even peer into the meridians.

  Even Ye Neither Nanako nor charlie Wade had reached her level.

  However, at that time, Nanako and charlie Wade did not know what this level meant.

  Master Jingqing was not calm at all. He, wearing cassock, was actually a little excited at this moment. , couldn’t help but pace back and forth, and kept saying: “The donor is indeed a genius! I can actually find the sea of ​​consciousness by myself! If the poor monk had not had a mentor to guide him, he would never have been able to find a way to enter the sea of ​​consciousness…”

  At this time, Master Jingqing was unknown, and even Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) in front of the monitor was shocked.

  She only heard from her subordinates that Nanako’s martial arts had improved. Extremely fast, a rare genius, so she felt that Nanako should be the person around charlie Wade who had the best chance of enlightenment, so she found Master Jingqing and asked him to guide Nanako to enlightenment.

  But who would have thought that Nanako herself had already She had half understood the truth!

  She couldn’t help but her heartbeat quickened, and she stared at the monitor without blinking.

  In the Buddhist hall, Nanako couldn’t figure out why Master Jingqing was surprised that she could enter the sea of ​​consciousness.

  After all, it didn’t seem to be difficult for her. Although it felt like there was a lot of mistakes, after she succeeded once, she mastered the method of entering the sea of ​​​​consciousness. This method allowed her to The progress in martial arts has become extremely fast, but other than that, Nanako doesn’t know what use it has.

  At this time, Master Jingqing finally recovered from the shock, so he quickly asked Nanako: “Donor, after you entered the sea of ​​consciousness, have you ever thought about entering that sea?”

  Nanako nodded and said truthfully: ” It is difficult to directly enter the sea of ​​consciousness, so I let my consciousness continue to go higher, then let go of everything at the high place, and let my consciousness fall into the sea of ​​consciousness…” “

  Go higher…” Master Jingqing murmured something repeatedly, his brain was already numb and he could hardly stand, so he could barely steady himself by holding on to the desk.

  He looked at Nanako Ito and murmured: “He is a genius… He is indeed a genius… Countless seniors with outstanding talents were all led by Master to enter the Tao. The benefactor actually rushed outside the Tao gate alone… This It is comparable to those sages who founded the sect…”

  As he said, he said to Ito Nanako: “Donor, finding the Purple Mansion, finding the Sea of ​​​​Consciousness, and going to higher places are all right. The road to enlightenment can be accomplished by the benefactor alone. Three-quarters of the way through! But the donor’s only mistake was the last step. If you take the last step correctly, you will realize enlightenment immediately!”

  “Enlightenment?” Ito Nanako asked doubtfully: “What is enlightenment?”

  Master Jingqing said: “Enlightenment, It means to open the purple sea of ​​consciousness, master the spiritual energy, and step into the way of heaven. The worst case scenario is to be like a poor monk, the spiritual energy does not leave the sea of ​​consciousness, but if you practice hard, you will be able to reach the unconscious world of observing the universe in the future, and even more A good situation is that the spiritual energy comes out of the sea of ​​consciousness and gathers throughout the body. In that case, you can practice against the heavens and become a true monk!” “

  Reiki, monk…” Ito Nanako was extremely shocked and thought to herself: “Could it be…could it be… The spiritual energy and monks that Master Jingqing mentioned are the great magical powers of charlie Wadejun?!”

  Thinking of this, Ito Nanako’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

  When she grew up to this age, she was very calm most of the time. She had few pursuits in life. The only two she pursued painstakingly were martial arts and charlie Wade.

  After she was seriously injured in Jinling and returned to China, she had already given up her pursuit of martial arts. The reason why she later studied martial arts was entirely because she felt in her heart that if she studied martial arts, she would be closer to charlie Wade.

  At this moment, she suddenly felt that she had a chance to get closer to charlie Wade!

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