The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6482

 Hearing that Nanako wanted to try again, Master Jingqing didn’t think much about it. He nodded in agreement and said, “If the donor wants to successfully enter the unconscious world, the safest way is to abandon the seven emotions and six desires.”

  Nanako was silent for a moment and murmured. “If you cut off the seven emotions and six desires, what’s the point of living?”

  Master Jingqing said without thinking: “Only by cutting off the seven emotions and six desires, can we have the chance to become a Buddha and better save all sentient beings.”

  Nanako shook her head and said seriously: “With all due respect, isn’t it a kind of seven emotions and six desires if you wholeheartedly seek Buddha? Isn’t it also a kind of seven emotions and six desires if you wholeheartedly think about saving all sentient beings? Of course, it is true to save all sentient beings, but not everyone has the same feelings for themselves. If he is not satisfied with the current situation, if he lives a happy and contented life, why does he need others to help him?”

  Nanako said, “Besides, since I have my own family and sweetheart, I can’t put them out of my mind. Abandon; even if I can leave them all behind, but since I wholeheartedly want to enlighten, pursuing enlightenment is another desire of mine. The moment I enter the sea of ​​consciousness and jump down, it is for enlightenment, but I To deceive myself, or to deceive the sea of ​​consciousness, I am clearly here for it, but if I want it to think that I have no desires or desires, wouldn’t that be tantamount to deceiving it?”

  Master Jingqing was startled for a moment, then sighed softly: ” What the donor said… is not unreasonable…”

  After that, he asked her: “Then what does the donor plan to try this time?”

  Nanako shook her head: “I don’t know, I just want to try again, no matter success or failure, today I won’t bother Master anymore.”

  Master Jingqing said: “The poor monk has plenty of time, so the donor doesn’t have to worry.” Nanako

  nodded gratefully, then closed her eyes, and once again used the method of introspection to let her spiritual consciousness come to the sea of ​​​​consciousness. .

  As before, Nanako was still trying his best to push his consciousness to a higher level this time. However, the previous attempt consumed a lot of energy. This time, it was obviously much more difficult to push up.

  However, despite the difficulty, Nanako is still trying her best to make this attempt.

  It was also during this process that she finally understood why it took Master Jingqing eight years to reach enlightenment. He always tried so hard to move his spiritual consciousness to higher places, which consumed a lot of energy and physical strength. After trying it twice, I don’t know how long it will take to relieve this mental fatigue.

  In addition, enlightenment is a matter of thousands of continuous attempts. A few years of enlightenment is already considered a short time in the long process of cultivation.

  Nanako tried her best to push her consciousness to the extreme that her state could reach. When she realized that all her energy had been exhausted, she instantly relaxed completely and allowed her consciousness to fall freely from the height. .

  During this time of falling, all kinds of thoughts were still frantically attacking her consciousness. Just like the last time, they were all about her parents, relatives, and charlie Wade, who she thought about day and night.

  Nanako finally realized that the reason why so many thoughts suddenly came to her at this time must be because of this feeling of free fall, which gave people a feeling of dying.

  And this feeling of dying will naturally make people think of many people and things.

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