Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1410 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1410

Zachary and Serenity had a disagreement. Serenity even stayed overnight at the Soxes‘ and followed her close friends back to her hometown the next day to check the progress of her investment project. That was why she was not with Liberty and her son.

When something happened to Liberty yesterday, Serenity rushed back after receiving the call.

The small interlude between Zachary and Serenity was captured by the paparazzi and exposed. Now, it was even trending.

If Serenity saw this, she might even blame herself and think that she did not protect her sister well because of the conflict between her and Zachary.

Zachary asked Josh to handle it. They had to try to hide it from Serenity and not let her know–at least not at this time.

Duncan said, “Given your status, anything that has to do with you can easily become a trending topic… Especially after you got married, everyone became highly interested in your married life with Serenity. Those paparazzi are everywhere. They’re the most well–informed.

“They’ll definitely be competent private detectives.”

Duncan comforted Zachary rather sympathetically.

At last, he asked Zachary with concern, “You’re good, right?”

He sized Zachary up and felt that Zachary’s body could match his. He smiled and commented, “If you have a problem and can’t have a baby, then many men will have to see the doctor.”

“I’m fine, but I can’t give birth to a baby, so I can only team up with my wife and let her give birth to our child.”

Duncan smiled.

“If Serenity-”

“She’s fine as well. She’s just stressed, but my family hasn’t pressured her to have a baby either. She’s just…” Zachary continued after some thought, “Perhaps I’m the one who’s giving her the pressure. She’s forced to face this invisible pressure now that we’re married.”

Zachary took out his phone and called Josh. Once Josh picked up, he instructed, “Josh, help me publish a clarification statement. My wife isn’t pregnant yet because we want to spend more time together as a couple. We don’t want a baby to disturb our sweet life just yet, so we’re not in a hurry to have a child.

“That day, we went to the hospital because I thought she had accidentally conceived, but we found out after a checkup that she wasn’t pregnant. My wife told me that she wanted to have a child, but I still wanted to spend time together with her as husband and wife, so we had a little disagreement

“That’s what it should roughly mean. Help me thank everyone for their concern. There’s nothing wrong with our bodies, and we’re fine. I’m just overbearing and want to have Serenity to myself, so I can’t bear to share her with someone else. Even if that person is our child, I’ll be jealous!”

Josh was quick to agree to it. “I’ll immediately publish a clarification statement for you. Do you still want me to look into the trending news?”


Zachary said in a low and cold voice, “Tell those people to stay out of my private affairs!”

Who were those entertainment journalists to care about his private matters when not even his family did?

After ending another call with Josh, Zachary’s phone rang. This time, it was Clive who called.

“Zachary, I just saw the trending topic. Is something wrong with you?”

Zachary was speechless. He could tell that his sworn enemy was teasing him. If Clive was not Serenity’s cousin, the man himself would definitely be laughing at this moment.

“You’re the one with problems!”

Zachary retorted with a dark face, “I’m fine!”

Clive held back his laughter and graciously said, “We’re both men. If something is wrong with you, do tell. I won’t laugh at you. I know a few doctors who specialize in treating infertile men. Do you want me to introduce them to you?”

Zachary had once cared for Clive the same way when Clive’s wife was not yet pregnant. Now, it was Clive’s turn to care for him.

“I’m your cousin, after all. I want you and Serenity to be well, and I also want to be promoted to becoming an uncle soon. Zachary, although we don’t like each other, I genuinely want to help you. Is something wrong with you? You can’t hide it at such a time and should get treated if you’re unwell!”

“Clive, I am not unwell! I’m in perfect health! Seren is fine too!”

“Of course I know Serenity is fine. My cousin looks like someone who is in good health and is very fertile. It must be your problem that she hasn’t gotten pregnant even after so long.”


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