Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1415 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1415

Duncan did not care how adamant his mother was and said with a smile, “Mom, you should worry about whether your son can win over Liberty first.”

Liberty suffered in her first marriage and no longer longed for love. She would not be easy to pursue.

Mrs. Lewis said angrily, “Are you really going to pursue her?”

“I didn’t know my feelings before, but when I found out that Liberty got injured, I was so afraid and heartbroken. Although I’m rough and not as attentive as Josh, I’m not stupid. I know that this is care–this is love!

“I care about Liberty and like her! Since I like her, I have to pursue her. I can’t just secretly harbor feelings for her while waiting for her to take the initiative to marry me. That’s wishful thinking.”

Mrs. Lewis slapped him and warned, “Duncan Lewis, I’m officially warning you now. You’re not allowed to pursue Liberty. Otherwise, don’t blame me for taking action.”

“Love that has braved through storms will last longer. Mom, you can come at me if you’re dissatisfied, but don’t go after Liberty. If you harm her, our relationship with the York and Stone families will be over. Think about it.

“How detrimental will it be if our family completely falls out with the two most influential families in Wiltspoon? Besides, you stopping me won’t make me give up on her. I won’t go along with your arrangements, so don’t think about controlling me.

Mrs. Lewis was speechless.

She was so angry that she could do nothing but just glare at him.

Her son was hyper–independent.

When he was young and impetuous, that independence was disobedience in the eyes of his parents. He was too opinionated and unwilling to listen to the words of others. He did whatever he pleased.

It was like how he, the fourth young master of the Lewis family, went and became a gangster.

If his grandmother’s death had not dragged him back, he might have become a mob boss in the underworld by now.

Most children lived under the protection of their families and needed a hand from their families to start a business.

However, Duncan did not want help from his family. He relied on his friendship with Zachary to borrow a start–up capital, then established Lewis & Co. step by step. He grew his company stronger and more powerful with his capability and successfully squeezed into the ranks of the top companies in Wiltspoon, with a net worth of tens of billions.

Lewis & Co. did not have any dealings with the Lewis family business. He worked closely with York Corporation and many large companies in other regions and cities. In short, he did not listen to his parents and did not like them paving the way for him.

When Duncan saw his mother at a loss for words, he leaned back comfortably, closed his eyes, and said, “Wake me up when we reach home, Mom. I’m taking a nap.”

He did not sleep a wink all night, so it was natural for him to be tired.

However, he was unable to sleep last night. He was worried about Liberty..

He even thought about what he would do if Liberty never woke up.

When did he begin to like her?

He had known Liberty for half a year, but he really had no clue as to when he became interested in that once plump woman. Maybe his heart was moved as he watched her transform her physique to the beautiful woman she was today.

Regardless of when he started liking her, since he had feelings for her now, he would pursue her.

Would Liberty drive him out of her breakfast diner with her spatula after he confessed to her? Would she forbid him from coming in for breakfast again in the future?

Duncan was a little worried. He had to think of a way to let Liberty jump into his arms step by step until she was unable to struggle against him and had no choice but to give in.

“You deserve to be tired. She has her sister, brother–in–law, and so many people to take care of her. She didn’t need you to stay there all night. You reap what you sow.”

Mrs. Lewis snapped at her son.

Duncan said nonchalantly, “I reap what I sow, but did it willingly. I was the first one to see her wake up. Seeing her awake and watching her being pushed out of the ICU made me happier than cinching a deal worth hundreds of millions.”

Mrs. Lewis was speechless.

Duncan soon fell asleep in the car.

Mrs. Lewis looked at her sleeping son and felt angry, distressed, and helpless.


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