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Chapter 1416

After returning to the Lewis residence, Mrs. Lewis did not want to wake her son up. However, she could not carry her son as she did when he was a child, so she had no choice but to wake him up.

“Duncan, we’re home. Wake up.”

Duncan only woke up after a few nudges from his mother.

He was still a bit dazed when he opened his eyes. He looked at his mother for a while before coming to his senses and getting out of the car.

Lily just came back from outside. The car she drove was lent to her by Mrs. Lewis.

“Mrs. Lewis, Duncan,” Lily greeted as she got out of the car.

The two of them got along well at the Marshall family’s banquet. She thought that was the beginning of her good relationship with Duncan, so she was friendlier with him.

“Lily, where did you go?”

Mrs. Lewis was full of smiles when facing Lily. She really liked Lily and wanted Lily to be her youngest daughter–in–law.

Her best friend thought the same, and the two family’s elders were all looking forward to it.

Mrs. Lewis just did not understand why her son did not like Lily despite the latter being better than Liberty in every way.

What was wrong with her youngest son? He did not want any of the desirable young ladies in their circle, and chose a divorced woman instead!

If she let Liberty marry into the Lewis family, they would become a laughingstock.

It would be a slap to the face to the many young ladies from affluent families.

“I went shopping and bought many things back.”

Lily got along well with everyone in the Lewis family.

Duncan’s little nephews liked Lily and asked his mother privately if Lily would be his wife in the future.

Lily took the clothes, cosmetic products, and other things she bought out of the car as she spoke. She called out, “Duncan, help me out with the bags. I bought several sets of clothes for you. Have a look and see if you like them later. The sizes should be correct since I asked Mrs. Lewis for them.”

Duncan had walked several feet away when Lily called out to lum. Mrs. Lewis went up to pull him back and pushed him to help Lily with the bags.

Duncan glanced at the stuff that Lily bought. There were many bags of various sizes.

“I’ll send someone to help you.”

Duncan did not help Lily but turned around and left again. After he went into the house, servants soon came out to help Lily with the bags.

Mrs. Lewis was furious by his actions.

Although Lily was a little embarrassed, she did not say anything and soon returned to normal.

“Lily, don’t worry about what that boy says or does. He deserves to be beaten up,” Mrs. Lewis. comforted.

“I’m fine, Mrs. Lewis. Duncan left to call someone to help me carry the bags. I’m happy enough with that,” Lily said tacitly.

“That brat is going to be the death of me. Lily, you have to worry harder and defeat that divorced woman!”


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