Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 634 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 634

Josh left quite a good impression on Drake. Jasmine suspected Drake would sell her off if the boys kept

in touch behind her back.

Josh pulled out his phone with a smile plastered on his face. “That’s very thoughtful of you, Drake. Let’s exchange numbers. I think we hit it off, Drake. Let’s have dinner sometime.”

Drake happily whipped out his phone and exchanged contacts before saying, “Well, we should get going. Mr. Bucham.”

“See you. I’ll treat you to dinner next time.”

“Sure thing.”

Drake was overjoyed but stopped short following the glare from his sister. He rubbed his nose and got into the car straight away.

Standing there, Josh watched as the siblings took off.

Once afar, Jasmine told her brother off, “Do you know who Josh is? Why did you act all friendly and exchange numbers?”

“I don’t care who he is. All that matters is that he was on a blind date

Jasmine was speechless. “Do you want me to kick you out of the house?”

you and he’s interested in you.”

“I don’t have much, Jas. I only bring home eight thousand dollars a month. I can’t take care of you forever, so my best bet is that you find a lifelong meal ticket. That will take the burden off my shoulders.”

Jasmine would have given Drake a kick if he was not driving.

“Did I want you to take care of me, punk? I’m on a higher income than you.”

“I told Mom that I’ll be responsible for your care if you can’t find a man. I asked Mom and Aunt Rachel to stop nagging you about it. That’s why I’m under a lot of pressure.”

Jasmine was moved and amused. “We have rental income on properties. Is that not enough for my care?”

“The properties belong to Mom and Dad, not me. But I’ll ask our parents to offer you a share when they start splitting the inheritance. Even if you have to become a spinster, you should become the wealthiest spinster.”

Jasmine was lost for words.

“Jas, who is Mr. Bucham? He appears to be acquainted with Serenity’s man.”

“He’s ‘the’ Mr. Bucham of York Corporation. You can look him up online. Anyway, don’t get too chummy with him. We only went on one blind date, and nothing progressed after that.

“Serenity’s husband and Mr. Bucham work in the same company. They’re colleagues.”

While behind the wheel, Drake commented, “Now that’s a true eligible bachelor. I should tell Mom later. She shouldn’t fret over your marriage.

“I should prepare myself to take care of you if an eligible bachelor like Mr. Bucham isn’t good enough for you.”

Jasmine burst into laughter. “Alright now. I get a good feeling about Josh. I’ll take it easy with the friendship between us.”

Drake believed Josh was a real catch. Jasmine would probably end up a spinster if even Josh was not to

her liking.

“You should refuse Josh’s invitation to dinner. He gets busy at work. Don’t take up his time.”

“He has to eat no matter how busy he gets. He still has to eat even if he doesn’t invite me to join him. You can’t say that I’m taking up his time. Besides, how am I supposed to know him and be the judge of his character if I don’t spend some time with him? The worst of men is only revealed among their own kind.”

Although Josh made a good impression, Drake would not be sloppy when it came to his sister’s happiness.

“He’s as sly as a fox. You’ll probably end up doing his dirty work without knowing it. His family is involved. in gathering intel. He’s good at getting information.”

Stunned, Drake asked, “He’s from that mysterious Bucham family?”


“What a coincidence. I dream about rubbing shoulders with the Buchams. I want them to show me the ropes.”

Jasmine was at a loss.

It was a mistake to bring her brother, along tonight.

She had a feeling that her brother would sell her out to join the Buchams’ intelligence network.

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