Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 642 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 642

Liberty gave her sister a look. “Are you saying his clothes ran outside by themselves? They’re still damp.. They must’ve been washed last night or this morning.”

Serenity muttered, “Did he really come back last night?”

“What was that?”

“Nothing. Look, don’t you think the flowers I have are pretty? You enjoy the little balcony garden while I finish eating.”

When Serenity returned to the dining room with the bowl and sat down, she hurriedly took out her cell phone and sent a message to Jasmine.

[Jasmine, when did I get drunk last night? Did your brother and you take me home after I got drunk?

[Why did I have a dream last night about Zachary coming home? It’s not like I miss him.

[He has clothes drying on my balcony, and his clothes are still damp… Could it be that I wasn’t dreaming? Was he actually back?

[Text me instead of calling since my sister is here. I don’t want her to worry that I’m fighting with Zachary.]

After Liberty divorced, what she feared most was that her sister would be affected and unhappy in her marriage as well.

Thus, Liberty was concerned about the relationship between her sister and brother-in-law.

Jasmine replied quickly.

[You drank a lot before you got drunk. It was my first time seeing you break your record. Your husband did come back. I helped you out of the bar after you got drunk last night.

[Then, I met Mr. York in front of the bar. He grabbed you before I could react.

[He was also the one who took you home. You weren’t dreaming. You really did feel his presence. He came back. I thought you wouldn’t remember what happened with how drunk. you were.]

Serenity was speechless.

She thought for a moment and asked her friend.

[Zachary really came home? I don’t remember what happened. I thought I was dreaming. He said a lot of things to me too. He nagged like an old man.]

Jasmine was too lazy to type and sent a voice message instead.

“Did you just wake up? Is Mr. York around? Oh, right, I asked Josh last night and he said that Mr. York had to rush back to the city today to continue his business trip. Josh mentioned that those matters had to bet taken care of by Mr. York so he had to handle them before he could return.

“Seren, he was so worried when he found out you went to the bar to get drunk that he dropped everything. and came rushing back. It’s clear that he still cares about you.”

Serenity turned down the volume a little before listening to the voice message from her best friend.

It turned out that Zachary came back indeed.

However, he left before she woke up.

He was so busy, yet he hurried back because she went to the bar to get wasted.

Serenity did not know whether to be touched or continue being willful.

How did Zachary know that she went drinking at the bar?

Although they met Josh at the bar and it was possible that he told Zachary, Zachary was far away. He could not have arrived right as she left the bar.

He must have made his way back earlier because he received the news in advance.

“Didn’t you follow when Zachary brought me home?” Serenity asked.

Jasmine responded, “Mr. York went to pick you up himself and called a car. That substitute driver from your neighborhood, Jim, drove.”

Serenity recalled when she was showering. The clothes she was wearing this morning were not the same set she wore yesterday, which meant her clothes were changed after she got home.

Mrs. Lane was not around while Grandma May went back to her house, and Jasmine did not follow her back. In other words, it was Zachary who helped her change.

She was completely out cold last night… Did Zachary do anything when he stripped her?


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