Married at First Sight Chapter 2369 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2369 by desirenovel-At the gate of the Newman family’s villa, the former eldest and second daughters of the Newman family had long since lost their previous arrogance and nobility.

At this moment, they were wearing ordinary clothes, and the expensive jewelry was out of sight.

Hermès brand-name bags were also gone.

There wasn’t even a scooter behind them, and the sisters came here by taxi.

To repay the debt, everything in the family that could be sold was sold.

Now, they could only rent a house to live in.

When the two sisters were born, although the Newman family did not have the wealth they have today, it was still a well-to-do family. They had never experienced hardship or poverty.

When they got married, because the family was rich, they got a generous dowry from their parents, married into a husband who was also rich, and became young mistresses. poor days.

But they were old and used to being pampered. They couldn’t find a job, and the only ones they could do were cleaners.

Cleaners often spend a month’s income in a few days.

People used to say that it was easy to go from being cheap to being rich, but hard to go from being rich to being cheap.

It was most suitable for this pair of sisters.

Unable to bear the hard times, the two sisters ran back to their parents’ house with the cheek to beg their niece to let them go.

They understood that the most ruthless person in the Newman family was not the eldest brother and sister-in-law, but the blind Camryn.

Camryn was fortunate enough to enter the York family’s gate as a blind girl.

For the first twenty years, Camryn lived the life of a Cinderella, but for the rest of her life, she was able to live the life of a young mistress.

God is making up for her.

Brenda said: “Camryn, open the door, I am your eldest aunt.”

“Camryn, we know we’re wrong, we give up, we won’t fight with you for property anymore, just let us go.” Amy also yelled loudly.

The neighbors of the Newman family had known for a long time that the sisters went back to their natal family to fight for the family property.

If the property of the Newman family was still under their parents’ names, it would make sense for them to come back and fight for it.

However, before their parents died of illness, they made arrangements for the family property, and did not treat the married daughter badly, and they were still divided into the parents’ family property.

Today’s Newman family belonged to Camryn’s father. Her father didn’t know whether he had a premonition or discovered his wife’s poisonous plot long ago. Not long after Camryn was born, he actually made a will, stating all his family properties left to his daughter Camryn.

The Newman family business was originally inherited by Camryn’s father, but her father died early, so the company fell into the hands of her uncle.

After her uncle’s careful management, she had the current family fortune.

She and her uncle were also father and daughter in name, stepfather and daughter, she also had the right to inherit, so after Mr. Newman and his wife entered, Camryn easily took over the Newman family’s business with the help of Dalton.

After sorting out the family history and division process of the Newman family, it was a bit unreasonable for her two Aunts to come back to divide the property of her natal family.

After all, their brothers all had children.

It’s not their turn to divide the family property, unless all three of Camryn’s siblings die.

Someone from the house came out.

Amy immediately said to Brenda, “The blind woman has come out.”

Camryn used to be able to move freely in her own home, but she didn’t need a cane, and after coming out of the house, she walked straight to the door.

In the eyes of the two aunts, they didn’t think much about it.

The two aunts also knew about Dr. Carden treating Camryn’s eyes.

They did not believe that Dr. Carden could cure Camryn.

Camryn had been blind for ten years, and she had seen countless famous doctors, but she couldn’t get better.


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