Married at First Sight Chapter 2371 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2371 by desirenovel-They were afraid and didn’t want to live a life of renting a house. They didn’t have any money left.

They went out to look for jobs, but they hit walls everywhere. No one dared to use them, saying that they had offended the York Corporation.

Using them would implicate other companies.

“Trenton, Trenton, please help your aunt to say good things. Think about how kind your aunt is to you. Do you have the heart to see your aunt being chased and killed by your elder sister?”

Trenton was surprised to see the appearance of the two elder aunts now.

He looked at the elder sister and saw that her expression was serious, showing no sign of softening her heart. He guessed that the two aunts had done something to her when he was not in Wiltspoon.

Trenton: “Auntie, Auntie, now the elder sister has the final say in our family. I don’t know why the elder sister treats you like this, but my elder sister is not the kind of cruel person, she just has a clear sense of grievances and grievances. Auntie, did you do something to my elder sister?”

Trenton believed in the elder sister.

It’s not that the two aunts were too much, the elder sister would not punish them like this.

Judging by the current situation of his two aunts, it should be quite miserable.

Camryn: “What did Aunt Brenda and Aunt Amy do to me? You know it in your heart. You say I’m cruel. Isn’t that a slap in the face? It’s obvious that they are the ones who are cruel, and they want my life!

No one hurts me, and I don’t hurt anyone else. When people attack me, I will fight back no matter who it is!

I’ve been merciful to you guys. At least you haven’t lost your wives and children, or your family has been ruined. It doesn’t matter if you are poor. You have hands and feet. You can earn money by yourself.”

The current fate of the Chandler and Joyner family was due to Callum and Camryn’s sign.

In her words, if her aunt wanted her life, it was impossible for her not to fight back.

She was not the kind of person who couldn’t fight back when she was scolded or beaten.

Brenda: “Camryn, are you so ruthless? We are your biological aunts after all! If your father is alive, he has to respect us two as sisters.”

“Don’t mention my dad, you are not qualified to mention my dad!” Camryn was suddenly furious and yelled at the two aunts.

“Don’t get so mad that you hurt yourself, sister.” Trenton quickly persuaded her sister.

He knew that his uncle’s death was the elder sister’s pain and hated the most.

And the murderer who killed his sister’s father was his parents, the two oldest aunts were insiders, and the two aunts were on his father’s side.

Camryn: “How did my father die? You two said you were my father’s own sister. Tell me, how did he die? After my father died, how did you treat his only child?

What qualifications do you have to mention my father? If my father is alive, he will definitely break with you and cut off the relationship between siblings!”

The two aunts of the Newman family opened their mouths several times, wanting to say something, but couldn’t get it out of their mouths.

After a long while, Brenda said: “Camryn, we only found out later that your father’s death was caused by your mother and Trenton’s father, and we also scolded them.”

Then after the big brother gave them a lot of benefits, they didn’t say anything.

Knowing that Camryn was abused and poisoned, they didn’t say a word, and even bullied Camryn when they returned to their parents’ house.

“Things have passed for so many years, and the murderer has been sent to prison by you, what else do you want? If you really want to complain, you should blame Trenton. It was his father who killed your own father.” Amy said.

She’s trying to drive a wedge between the siblings.


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