Married at First Sight Chapter 2378 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2378 by desirenovel-Now Hayden’s parents and younger brother were helping Kevin, and her whole family was helping him pursue her.

Hayden hated him from the beginning, but now accepted him.

Sure enough, she was afraid of pestering her future husband.

“Whether to restore the status of a woman, you also know that I am a woman, it will not affect our love, if you care about the eyes of others looking at you, you will not pester me endlessly. We don’t care what others say, we have passed Just be happy. The most I can promise you is that if we really get married in the future, I will marry you in a wedding dress. On that day, I will be a woman, a complete woman. Isn’t that the same as telling the world that you are a normal man?” After thinking about it, Hayden suddenly smiled, “Would others think that I was forced by you to pretend to be a woman?”

Kevin in the dream: …

It’s really possible.

Others thought he was the attacker and Hayden was the victim.

The last time he gave Hayden a female gift, he was seen by a person, and the way the other party looked at the two of them was really beyond words.

Hayden leaned down and kissed Kevin on the cheek.

Seeing that Kevin was still in a deep sleep, she moved to his warm lips and kissed him secretly a few times.

“Have a good rest. I’ll go back to the company first. If you wake up at night, we’ll have dinner together. If you’re still asleep, I’ll go out to socialize.”

With that said, Hayden stood up from the edge of the bed, took out a few air tickets from her trouser pocket, and put them on the bedside counter. They were air tickets that she had asked to buy for them in advance.

The flight at 8:20 tomorrow morning arrived in Wiltspoon at noon, just in time to go back to Yorks residence for lunch.

Kevin once said that he took a private jet.

Hayden thought, she was going to attend the wedding, if she is not in a hurry, she should take the passenger plane instead of the private jet.

York family’s private small airport, these days, Hayden was afraid it would be full of private jets.

The Queen family didn’t join in the fun, lest there would be no place to park the private plane flying over.

The wedding of Zachary and Serenity would definitely surpass that of Josh and Jasmine. The people who came to the wedding were all celebrities from all walks of life. Among those big businessmen, which one didn’t have a private jet?

Hayden also owned a private jet. She only used private jet when she was in a hurry for business trips.

Hayden walked out of Kevin’s presidential suite.

When she walked out of Fortress Hotel, she was blocked by Shiloh.

This woman, Shiloh, was also top-notch, and she didn’t know how many times she had been punished by her love rival, Kevin, but she still didn’t give up. She was the most powerful woman among all the women who admired Hayden.

Kevin’s other female rivals, after seeing how special Hayden was to Kevin and Kevin’s tongue-in-cheek rivalry, tactfully withdrew and left, not wanting to compete with a man for a man.

Hayden was excellent.

But Hayden was not the only outstanding man in the world.

Why should they hang themselves on Hayden’s tree.

That is to say, Shiloh did not give up.

Because Shiloh wanted to stabilize her position in the Farrell family by marrying into the Queen family, and also wanted to gain a firm foothold in the upper class society of Jensburg.

Otherwise, as Kathryn grew stronger step by step, she would soon have no place for Shiloh to gain a little bit of power in Farrell family.

With this level of consideration in mind, Shiloh learned Kevin’s tricks, stalking Hayden, never giving up, never giving up!

Hayden’s bodyguard stood in front of Hayden, preventing Shiloh from approaching within two meters of Hayden, lest Shiloh shamelessly throw herself into Hayden’s arms.

“Young Master Queen.”

Shiloh wore a bright smile on her delicately made-up face. She looked into Hayden’s eyes with a lot of affection.

This man, Hayden, if he really looked at her eyes, he would fall.


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