The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6218

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6218-Suddenly, an overwhelming aura emanated from a certain direction just as James was prepared to face his end.


The Historial Power channeled by the Yang governor was destroyed almost instantaneously.

As he was freed from the Yang governor’s powers, James quickly teleported and reappeared next to Truett. He supported Truett by holding his arm.

On the other hand, the Yang governor staggered a little as his powers were abruptly cut off.

He barked, ‘Yegor Sadler! Is this a challenge to a battle?”

A man radiating a tremendous amount of Qrohm materialized in the distance.

He raised his hand and released a wave of righteous aura, which took the form of a huge golden web, in the Yang governor’s direction.

Loud explosions went off as the web struck the Yang governor. A few seconds later, the Yang governor, who was severely wounded, was seen caught in the clutches of a gigantic hand.


The gigantic hand floated above the Yang governor and released overwhelming pressure on him, forcing him to kneel.

The Yang governor spat out a mouthful of blood as Yegor’s attacks left him with serious injuries.

“No one is allowed to break my rules in my space. That includes you, the Yang governor.” Yegor emanated a murderous aura as he fixed his gaze on the Yang governor. It seemed he was prepared to exterminate the Yang governor with his next hit.

“Please spare him, Saint Yegor!” Tai Chi materialized in the form of a shadow near Yegor at that moment. She raised her hands. ‘You can’t do this to him!”

Yegor snorted. “Well… Why can’t I?”

Under Yegor’s control, the gigantic hand slammed down on the Yang governor.

Numerous cracks appeared on the man’s body, and he was sent flying away the next instant.

Tai Chi swiftly cast a ball of white gas. The gas flew toward the Yang governor and enveloped his body. Then, the ball of gas carried the Yang governor toward Tai Chi.

‘Yegor, how could you…”

Tai Chi was about to scold Yegor, but she stopped immediately when she spotted the vicious look on his face.

“My master, Tirta, created this space.” Yegor said in a steely voice, “I only allow the Heavenly Tribulations to happen here. However, I have not permitted you to enter here or to attack my people.”

Tai Chi drew a long breath. “You can subdue the Yang governor with your righteous aura, but your cultivation rank is still lower than his.

“If you do this to him now, can you imagine what will happen to Skynet’s members in the Tai Chi World?”

Yegor laughed mockingly. ‘You can try! You harming Skynet’s members is considered an offense of the Law of Paths.”

Tai Chi was rendered speechless.

‘Yehria, the Tai Chi Tribulation is set to happen. Don’t try to fight back against the Law of Paths.”

Yegor continued, “I don’t want to talk about what you’ve done to the humans.

However, that doesn’t mean that I agree with your past actions.”

“You know everything.” Tai Chi replied frigidly, ‘You and I were close friends in the past. Could you not overlook this for old times’ sake?”

Yegor let out a sigh. “I was the one who received the Tirta Power, yet you became Tai Chi instead. You knew better than anyone about what happened back then.”

Tai Chi stuttered, “That… You…”

Yegor cut her off, “Enough. Both of us are about to face our tribulations. I won’t be able to achieve the Daelcon Rank due to my tribulation, whereas you may lose your life during your tribulation.

“You should try your best to prepare for your tribulation. We humans are finally seeing the birth of a superior cultivator from our kind. If you couldn’t even spare him, how could you ask me to overlook things for old times’ sake instead?”

Tai Chi snapped at him, “I need to secure my safety. Besides…”

“Who’s the cause of all this?” Yegor sent her a sidelong glance. ‘You had your chances to avoid this situation. Yet, you let them all go to waste due to your greed and personal interests.

“Do you really think killing James will remove your Tai Chi Tribulation? Would the Yin governor forgive you just like that?”

Tai Chi fell silent.

“You’re a smart person.” Yegor went on, ‘This is all I have to say. My son is about to get married, and I do not wish to start a war during a time like this. I hope I’ve shown you clearly where my bottom line is.”

Tai Chi sighed wearily. ‘Then… For old times’ sake, could you help arrange a meeting for me and the Yin governor?”

As Yegor remained silent, Tai Chi quickly said, “Would you rather see all lives perish? That will also include the humans!”

After a few moments’ consideration, Yegor finally responded, “We’ll talk about this after my son’s wedding.”

Tai Chi nodded. Then, her shadow-like form gradually faded away and disappeared.

“Would you have done those things if you knew things would turn out like this today?” Yegor looked up at the sky and sighed.

Then, he turned his gaze toward James and Truett. “Are you two alright?” James and Truett exchanged a glance and smiled brightly at each other. Both of them did not expect Yegor’s powers to improve this much.

Yegor had teleported and reemerged next to the two of them. He lifted his hands and channeled the righteous aura toward James and Truett to heal their injuries.

As the wounds on their bodies disappeared one by one, the pendant resting against Truett’s chest was shining brightly as well.

“It’s never a good idea to make the Yang governor your enemy.” Yegor began, “Fortunately, he won’t be able to do anything for the next two entrapochs due to his injuries.

“However, once he’s fully recovered, he won’t be showing you guys any mercy.”

James furrowed his brows. “Sir Yegor, can the Yang governor disobey the Law of Paths?”

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