The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6219

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6219-Yegor smiled slightly. ‘The Law of Paths is a set of restrictions designed specifically for Tai Chi. The Yang governor is not bound by it.”

James widened his eyes. “I see! So, the Yang governor abides by the Law of Tai Chi?”

‘That’s right.” Yegor nodded. “However, as you all saw earlier, the Yang governor attacked you two despite his position and responsibilities. Does it seem like he cares about the Law of Tai Chi?”

‘That lady, Tai Chi, was truly shameless.” Truett snorted. “She stayed hidden when the Yang governor was beating US up. When he was about to be defeated, she quickly appeared to save him. Isn’t that against the Law of Paths?”

“She didn’t engage in the battle after all. To be exact, she merely stepped in too late.” Yegor curled his lips. “Moreover, the Yang governor suppressed his powers during the battle with you. Frankly, he didn’t break any rules.”

James and Truett were struck by a sense of powerlessness upon hearing those words.

It appeared those with power were adept at using gray areas to their advantage.

Even though one or more lives could have been lost earlier, those people could argue and push away the blame by saying that they did not do anything wrong.

James also thought about how they needed to prepare for the next battle with the Yang governor during the next two entrapochs.

He bowed slightly to Yegor. ‘Thank you so much for saving US, Sir Yegor.

Without your help, I might have been dead by now.”

Yegor smiled and waved his hand dismissively. “You didn’t have to thank me.

Since we had that conversation with the other party earlier, you could use the opportunity to do what you need to do in the Forladtt Land and prepare for what’s coming soon.”

James nodded. “I agree, but you’ve personally asked me to handle Truett’s wedding arrangements. I’m afraid I won’t…”

“It’s alright. You should handle what’s urgent first.” Yegor gave a slight nod.

“However, you must make sure to attend his wedding. You are their matchmaker after all.”

James chuckled. “Of course! Truett and Xitlaly might give me an earful if I didn’t show up to their wedding.”

He turned his eyes to Truett next. “You shouldn’t follow me to the Demon Dungeon anymore.

“Stay and get ready for your wedding. Xitlaly should have no problem with her preparations since she has Lyla and the others with her.”

Truett tried to object. “James…”

James patted him on the shoulder. “You’re about to get married. You need to be a good son, a good husband, and a good father before becoming an exceptional cultivator.

“I didn’t have the chance to do that. I hope you can fulfill this dream of mine instead.”

Before Truett could say anything more, James shot up into the air and flew in the direction of the Demon Dungeon.

Yegor let out a soft sigh. “You are really lucky to have such a good friend like him. Many would envy you because of this.” Truett directed his gaze at Yegor. “Dad, I just hope I can be of more help to James.”

Yegor scoffed. “Help from someone who is not competent enough is only going to be a burden. It’s an act of pure ignorance.”

“I… I was only trying to…” Truett tried to explain.

“You want to talk about what happened earlier again?” Yegor shot a glare at him. “You almost got James killed just because you wanted to test the fragment of Tirta Power you had. You think that was helpful for James?”

Truett lowered his head in embarrassment.

Yegor was right. If Truett had not carelessly rushed out of the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell to test the bit of Tirta Power he possessed, he and James would not have ended up in that dangerous situation.

Truett did not imagine the Yang governor would be so formidable when he was only using one-tenth of his powers.

“I won’t ask you to work hard on being a good son.” Yegor said in a steely voice, “However, I hope you’ll be a good husband and a loyal friend, who’s strong enough to help your friends. I’ll be happy with that.”


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