The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6220

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6220-Then, Yegor released his righteous aura to surround Truett. He teleported and took his son along the next instant.

On the other hand, James had arrived in the Demon Dungeon.

As he watched from a distance, the universe which was separated previously was densely inhabited now.

The beings of the Dark World were busily training on their own. It was very quiet and peaceful in that universe.

Just then, a white-haired middle-aged man materialized nearby. He emanated a strong Qrohm. “How have you been, James?” he asked.

James was momentarily stunned. Tm sorry, but you are…?”

“You don’t recognize me anymore?” The white-haired man laughed. “I’m Zakaria Soltz, the guardian of Demon Dungeon sent by Skynet. We met when you and the young master came here last time.” James’ eyes widened. “That’s right! Excuse my poor memory. Greetings to you, Mr. Zakaria.”

Zakaria replied smilingly, “It’s such a wonder to see that all of you have come out of the Forladtt Land alive.”

James looked toward the universe again. “I’ll have to thank you for looking out for these people all this time.”

“I didn’t do much.” Zakaria shook his head. “However, these men are truly more hardworking and talented than the people from the other Genesis Worlds.

“When they just got out, the highest cultivation rank you could find among these men was the Yuraeceon Ninth Rank.

“Currently, most of them have reached at least the Yuraeceon Xaelm Rank’s Fifth Tribulation. Some have even achieved the peak of Yuraeceon Xaelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation.”

James had a surprised look on his face. “Mr. Zakaria, their cultivation resources…”

“Oh! Skynet helped solve half of the issue.” Zakaria responded, “These men worked together to gather the other half of their training resources. They hunted monsters for their cores in the nearby universes.

“These men showed a lot of potential. Some of them have even mastered the Marciais Combat Form.”

James smiled warmly as he listened to Zakaria’s praises. Things were progressing in an even better direction than he had imagined.

With the Dark World’s beings working together relentlessly, it would only be a matter of time before they could rise back to glory again.

James also knew they had a lot to thank the Skynet’s members. These people had taken a huge risk by offering them so much help and support.

James raised his hand and conjured two energy balls and a shiny saber.

Zakaria arched his brow. “What are these…”

James gestured to him. “This is a token of gratitude from me. You must accept it, Mr. Zakaria.”

“I… I can’t!” Zakaria was about to shake his head when James teleported toward the universe he was staring at.

After a brief pause, Zakaria grabbed onto the handle of the saber floating before him.

He exclaimed almost instantly, “It’s the Xavieran Saber! My goodness! This is a legendary top-notch weapon! He just gave it to me like that?!”

Then, Zakaria examined the energy balls. To his surprise, there were thousands of upper-grade Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation cores in them.

Zakaria was shocked out of his wits. He wondered if James might have taken every treasure he could find in the Forladtt Land with him.

Even a Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation cultivator like Zakaria felt slightly inferior upon receiving such valuable gifts from James.

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