The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Soul Suppressing Sword (Part 2)

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“What the hell are you doing? Who gave you spiritual energy and resources? It’s fine if you don’t accept me, but you actually dared to hurt me!”

Fang Zhenye was really angry. Not only did he fail to kill Ye Chen, but he was also harmed by his own sword! What was going on!

Suddenly, the floating Soul Suppressing Sword released a red light, and seconds later, killing intent erupted!

The sword’s blade then turned and pointed at Fang Zhenye!

Fang Zhenye was shocked, and his body stiffened.

The Soul Suppressing Sword… Actually wanted to kill him?

How was this possible?

At this moment, the aura of death crept up on him. Fang Zhenye felt as if he had fallen into the coldest depths of hell. His entire body was frostbitten and he was in unbearable pain!

Had it not been for the fact that his body was stronger than an ordinary person’s, as well as the fact that he had covered his body with his true qi at the most critical moment just now, he would have probably fallen unconscious, or perhaps even died.


The Soul Suppressing Sword flew out and went straight for Fang Zhenye’s vital points!


This spiritual sword really wanted to kill its master!

This was a rare occurrence in the martial arts world, and even in the Kunlun Mountains, yet it was happening in front of them right now!

Fang Zhenye knew how powerful the Soul Suppressing Sword was, so he no longer hesitated. His fingers formed a seal, and a jade token appeared in front of him!

The jade token expanded in the blink of an eye and transformed into a huge wall.


The huge wall shattered, and the Soul Suppressing Sword pierced through it easily. Seconds later, blood stained the ground!

Although Fang Zhenye tried his best to dodge, one of his arms was still severed.


Painful screams resounded.

No one had expected things to turn around like this!

The insufferably arrogant Fang Zhenye was actually injured by his own sword?

Before anyone could react, the Soul Suppressing Sword turned and charged at Ye Chen!

However, this time, it was not to kill Ye Chen, but it stopped and quietly floated in front of Ye Chen. Even the hilt of the sword trembled slightly, as if it was expressing some kind of emotion.

What was going on here?

At this moment, the expressions of the remaining guardians, Sun Miao, and Bao Peimin, all changed!

The Soul Suppressing Sword had been with Fang Zhenye for the past few years. Fang Zhenye had even fed it blood essence and endless spiritual energy!

Logically speaking, the sword should have recognized him as its master. A spiritual sword would never kill its master!

However, it seemed that Fang Zhenye’s efforts had been for naught, and the Soul Suppressing Sword even acknowledged a unity realm brat as its master!

Who the f*ck could explain what they were seeing right now?

The entire mountain peak was as quiet as a graveyard at midnight. All of the guardians widened their eyes and stood rooted to the ground like statues!


The five guardians behind Fang Zhenye were also frozen in their tracks, unable to make head or tail of this situation.

Ye Chen also understood what the Soul Suppressing Sword was implying, so he reached out and grabbed the Soul Suppressing Sword!

Moments later, sword intent flowed from the Soul Suppressing Sword and pierced Ye Chen’s finger, and a drop of blood dripped onto the hilt of the sword.


The blood dragon in Ye Chen’s body soared into the sky. The dragon’s roar was like thunder that rumbled in the sky, striking everyone’s hearts like a drum!

Red light burst forth from the sword and enveloped Ye Chen, and Ye Chen’s aura was suddenly released. The true qi in his dantian flowed into the sword.

At this moment, a hundred-foot shadow seemed to have appeared around Ye Chen.

It was as if a god had descended to the mortal world, holding a divine sword in his hand, ready for slaughter!

Seeing this scene, Fang Zhenye’s eyes were filled with endless anger. The Soul Suppressing Sword had actually recognized Ye Chen as its master!

This was the phenomenon that happened when a spiritual weapon recognized its master!


He had raised it for many years, but the Soul Suppressing Sword had never acknowledged him as its master. Instead, it had now recognized a mere unity realm brat as its master!

In terms of cultivation level, strength, or swordsmanship, how could Ye Chen compare to him?

When he started cultivating, Ye Chen was not even born yet!


Fang Zhenye’s white hair fluttered in the wind like a madman. He even spat out a mouthful of blood. This mouthful of blood was not caused by an external force, but by anger!

He roared, “Ye Chen, you killed my friends, and snatched my spiritual sword! I want you dead! Even if I have to die with you!”

However, Ye Chen did not hear him at all. His gaze was fixed on the sword.

The Soul Suppressing Sword was 3.2 feet long and one finger wide. There were clear blackish red patterns on the sword, which seemed to depict nine soaring dragons. Each of them somehow felt real, and carried a fierce aura that made people’s hearts palpitate.

On the tip of the sword, there were two ancient and obscure golden words…

Soul Suppression!

At this moment, Ye Chen felt as if a sword had appeared in his mind…

It was the Soul Suppressing Sword!

He could even feel how powerful this sword was! It far surpassed the Dragonslayer Sword!

If the Dragonslayer Sword was the earth, then this Soul Suppressing Sword was the unattainable sky!

However, for some reason, the Soul Suppressing Sword was absorbing his true qi endlessly.

Could it be that his true qi was nourishment for the sword?

However, after the Soul Suppressing Sword absorbed his true qi, he also sensed that the sword had begun to brew with a powerful attack, one that far exceeded his level of strength!

Ye Chen, kneel down and give me back my sword!”

Fang Zhenye and the other five had already arrived within three meters of Ye Chen.

Fang Zhenye, who had lost his arm, was like a lunatic!

Ye Chen laughed coldly and said, “Your sword? Try summoning it then! If it returns to you, then I’ll admit that it’s yours!”

“You! You’re courting death!”

Fang Zhenye looked at the Soul Suppressing Sword in Ye Chen’s hand with fear. Then, he said to Sun Miao and the others not far away, “Old Sun, are you really going to keep watching? Although this sword is mine, it also belongs to the guardians. Once this sword leaves Jiang Dao Mountain, everything on Jiang Dao Mountain will weaken!”

“How long are you going to sit by and do nothing? You should know how dangerous this b*stard will become if he obtains the Soul Suppressing Sword!”

“When that time comes, this kid will definitely become the greatest threat to the guardians of Huaxia!”

“This kind of person shouldn’t not be allowed to exist!”

Fang Zhenye had no confidence in killing the current Ye Chen, so he needed the power of the other guardians, especially Sun Miao, who was stronger than he was.

With their help, Ye Chen’s fate was sealed, no matter what other trump cards he had.

Unfortunately, Sun Miao’s eyes were closed as if he could not hear anything.

Fang Zhenye cursed in his heart, ‘Sun Miao, this f*cker! He probably wants to wait for both sides to decimate themselves before acting and claiming the spoils at the end!’

Unable to rely on Sun Miao and the others, he took out six medicinal pills.

“I happen to have six of these pills. They can increase our strength for five minutes. We don’t have a choice now. Take these and unleash your strongest attacks. No matter what, Ye Chen must die!”

The other five Huaxia Guardians did not hesitate at all and consumed the pills..

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