The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 498

Chapter 498: Honor (Part 2)

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As soon as he said this, Elder Wan stood up and advised Bao Peimin, “Old Bao, what are you doing? The Soul Suppressing Sword belongs to Jiang Dao Mountain, and this kid doesn’t have the right to take it away. Besides, he killed so many people, so he has to pay a price for what he’s done. Don’t be stubborn!”

Bao Peimin snorted and pointed his sword at Sun Miao.

“I’ve made up my mind.”

Sun Miao shook his head helplessly.

“1 didn’t want to attack you, but you’ve left me with no choice.”

“In that case, I’ll send you on your way.”


immediately after, a sword appeared in Sun Miao’s hand and he charged at Bao



Bao Peimin thought that he could resist for some time, but he was caught off guard. The powerful shockwaves from the impact of the blow slammed into his body and sent him flying!

Then, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, Sun Miao’s sword didn’t stop at all and went straight for Bao

Peimin’s vital points, aiming to take his life!

in Sun Miao’s eyes, Bao Peimin’s stubborn personality would inevitably cause problems for the guardians in the future, and would threaten his authority.

There was no need to keep such a person around!

The only guardians he needed were those that would obey his commands!

Seeing that Sun Miao’s sword was about to pierce into Bao Peimin, Ye Chen shot out a dart, which tore through the air and went straight for Sun Miao’s


Sun Miao naturally noticed this and he changed the trajectory of his attack, knocking the dart to the ground.

“Trying to stop me with just this? Dream on!”

Then, he shot out his own dart at Ye Chen!

Ye Chen’s expression changed slightly. Just as he was about to raise the sword to block the attack, he realized that Bao Peimin appeared in front of him and used his body to block the dart!


The dart pierced through Bao Peimin’s shoulder!

Ye Chen was stunned. Why would Bao Peimin go so far for him?

For belief?

For Bao Xinhe?

Or was he betting everything on Ye Chen?

“Senior Bao, you really don’t have to do this. This matter has nothing to do with you,” Ye Chen said.

Bao Peimin turned his head and smiled. Blood was still coming out of the corner of his mouth, and he looked very embarrassed.

-Ye Chen, I’m a guardian of Huaxia, but I can’t protect Huaxia. This is my shame. What I’m doing now is just redemption.”

“Huaxia’s guardians have let you down, but I want you to know that there are really people who are seriously protecting Huaxia, so I hope you won’t be disappointed in the people of Huaxia.”

Before he could finish his words, Sun Miao snorted coldly and slapped Bao

Peimin’s body, sending him flying!

Bao Peimin landed not far from Ye Chen, his aura flickering faintly.

“From now on, Bao Peimin will be expelled from the guardians,” Sun Miao snorted coldly, “Does anyone have any objections?”

“No!” The eight of them said at the same time.

They were tactful people. Although they did not like Sun Miao’s behavior, they could not stop him. Otherwise, they would end up like Bao Peimin.

Elder Wan clenched his fists. He wanted to help Bao Peimin, but he could not.

The meaning of being a guardian had long changed.

Only Bao Peimin was still stuck in the past.

Perhaps from now on, there was no need for guardians to exist.

Ye Chen was touched when he saw Bao Peimin suffer such a serious injury in order to save him.

His eyes were filled with endless anger as he stared at Sun Miao.

The blood dragon in his body also rushed out and coiled around him.

However, Ye Chen was weak, and so was the blood dragon. Thick killing intent erupted!

-Are you planning to resist?” Sun Miao snorted coldly. “You’re just an ant, so stop dragging this out! I’ll give you three seconds. If you don’t hand over what I want, I’ll just kill you.”



At that moment, Ye Chen laughed.

He could feel the Samsara Graveyard shaking violently!

What did this mean?

The Myriad Daos Swordmaster, Chen Tianli, had finally returned!

When Sun Miao saw that Ye Chen was still smiling at this moment, his expression turned even colder.

“What are you laughing at?”

Ye Chen took a step forward, his eyes like a hungry wolf.

The blood dragon sensed something. It roared and the ground shook!

“Didn’t you want to know my secret? I’ll satisfy your curiosity then,” Ye Chen sneered.

Sun Miao felt that something was wrong. Ye Chen was too calm at this moment…


Ye Chen took another step forward, and his confidence and killing intent was so oppressive that Sun Miao subconsciously took a small step back.

-My secret is the people supporting me. Have you heard of the Myriad Daos Swordmaster? He is one of my masters.

Myriad Daos Swordmaster?


Sun Miao’s expression flickered. He had never heard of this name before!

Not even in the Kunlun Mountains!

Although the name was overbearing, it seemed that this kid was trying to bluff his way out of his predicament.

He snorted coldly, “Who does the Myriad Daos Swordmaster think he is? You want to use this person to scare me? Hmph! Three seconds are up, so I’ll personally send you on your way!”

Then, the sword slashed toward Ye Chen!

Ye Chen did not move at all. Instead, he placed his hands behind his back and straightened his back. At this moment, he felt invincible!

Sun Miao’s expression was ferocious as he attacked.

“IS Ye Chen going to die…” The weak Bao Peimin clutched his body and clenched his fists as he watched the situation unfold.

The sword was on the verge of reaching Ye Chen’s chest…

No one thought that Ye Chen still had a chance! In everyone’s eyes, Ye Chen was already a dead man.

“Who dares to touch my disciple? Get lost!”

A furious roar was heard from the skies above!

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