The Mans Decree Chapter 3857

Chapter 3857 Such A Shame

Beneath the cold wave, a speck of light continuously grew larger before it finally broke through.

Demonic fire burst forth from Kai’s body, causing the surrounding temperature to steadily rise under its influence.

“Sacred Light Fist!” Kai threw a punch mercilessly, his flame-engulfed fist cutting through the air as it hurtled toward Selma.


The punch, imbued with fierce flames, shot toward Selma like a meteor shower.

Selma simply scoffed, raising both her hands. The icy wave beneath her feet swiftly ascended, forming a gigantic shield in front of her.

Moreover, swirling vortices emerged above the massive shield, devouring everything in sight.

The power unleashed by Kai’s punch was absorbed by those vortices.

Following that, the force of his punch, along with the flames, were all frozen. Massive chunks of ice fell to the ground, changing direction in the process and shooting upward at Kai.

Kai hurriedly swung his fists, punching the chunks of ice and shattering them into pieces, but those fragments still hurtled toward him like cannonballs.

Kai, once again, unleashed wave after wave of demonic fire, causing the ice fragments that passed through the fire to instantly evaporate.

He had just begun to relax when a dangerous aura came from above.

Alarmed, Kai instantly retreated while Selma sneered. “It’s too late.”

In the next moment, an enormous chunk of ice materialized above Kai’s head as if it had appeared out of nowhere.

Kai had no time to escape. He was hit squarely by the massive chunk of ice and fell straight to the ground.

The ice chunk fell with a thunderous crash, creating a massive pit in the ground.

To everyone’s astonishment, Kai’s body was embedded in that ice block.

Selma, on the other hand, had both hands pressed against the ice block. She continued infusing waves of chilling energy into the ice block.

“Mr. Chance!” Everyone, including Bianca, was taken aback.

Leighton finally smiled and heaved a sigh of relief.
Holden and the others couldn’t help shaking their heads.

“The disparity in strength is simply too great. How could a Fourth Level Tribulator possibly stand a chance against a Top Level Tribulator. I believe he would’ve become a renowned prodigy in the Ethereal Realm if he had more time… Such a shame…” Holden wore an expression of deep regret.

Kai was gifted and incredibly intelligent. All he needed was time, and he could rise to become a standout figure in the Ethereal Realm. It’s such a pity that he has been wiped out.

Kai, encased within the ice block, remained motionless and seemingly lifeless.

Instead of letting her guard down, Selma continued emitting cold waves with her hands.

Even Selma dared not take Kai lightly.
Just as Selma continued infusing cold energy into the ice block to ensure Kai couldn’t make a comeback, unbeknownst to everyone, an indiscernible aura was also emanating from within Kai himself.

The aura colored the ice block a milky white hue.

Selma observed the transformation of the ice block and still did not back off despite her puzzlement.

She was determined to eradicate him for good, eliminating any hope of survival for him.

However, as she continued imbuing cold energy, she soon felt an uncomfortable sensation in her hands.

As a frost technique cultivator, she was not susceptible to the cold, but at that moment, she constantly felt as though her hands were being frozen stiff.

“Did I overuse my skills?” Selma wore a look of utter confusion, for she had never encountered such a situation before.

While she was bewildered, she shockingly discovered frost covering her hands. Moreover, the frost spread rapidly, threatening to freeze her entire arm.

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