The Mans Decree Chapter 3858

Chapter 3858 Utterly Majestic

Selma was taken aback, quickly raising his arms in alarm. But the frost on her arms did not disappear.

Selma was thrown into a panic. I have trained in the art of frost technique, which should have made me immune to frost energy. How could I possibly be frozen?

Just as Selma was at a loss, the enormous chunk of ice began to crack, eventually shattering completely.

Kai’s figure too, shot up toward the sky.

“Sacred Light Fist!”

Kai was radiating a golden aura, appearing as majestic as a deity. His massive punch was heading straight for Selma.

Selma was taken aback, instinctively wanting to resist. However, her arms were immobilized, completely unable to execute any moves.


The punch sent Selma crashing down to the ground.

“Take this! And this!”

Kai was suspended mid-air, his fists glowing with a golden hue. Each punch landed relentlessly on Selma’s body.

The entire sect trembled as Selma let out a roar of rage.

“Mr. Chance is incredible!”

Upon witnessing this scene, Bianca and the others couldn’t help but cheer in elation.

Holden and the others were utterly astounded, their faces full of disbelief. “Incredible!” they exclaimed. “I can’t believe a Fourth Level Tribulator is beating up a Top Level Tribulator!”

“What kind of fist technique is this? It looks quite powerful!”

Everyone present was utterly astounded, finding the situation beyond comprehension. They couldn’t understand how Kai, a mere Fourth Level Tribulator, could possess such terrifying power.

Leighton and the rest of the Mueller family were dumbfounded when they saw Selma being pummeled to the ground, one punch after another.

Just a moment ago, they were secretly pleased, believing that Kai was no match for Selma. But in the blink of an eye, the situation had drastically reversed.

They truly couldn’t believe how Kai was actually still alive amidst those large blocks of ice.

At that moment, Selma had already been slammed into the ground, yet Kai showed no signs of letting up. His fists continued to rain down relentlessly.

Selma’s clothes had long since become tattered and worn.

As the eldest daughter of the Mueller family, it was one thing to be struck, but to have her clothes torn was utterly unbearable for Selma.


Selma’s face flushed with anger, letting out a roar akin to a ferocious beast.

Immediately following, a surge of white frost erupted from within Selma, enveloping her body.

She couldn’t just let everyone see her body.

This kind of humiliation was even more unbearable than death itself.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll f*cking kill you!”

Selma was seething with rage. She wished she could tear Kai apart with her bare hands.

“F*ck! You still have the audacity to scream at me?”
Kai’s expression was stern and cold as his hands instantly unleashed a relentless barrage of punches.

The punches surged wildly, dispersing the white frosty mist that had been shielding Selma’s body.

With this, Selma was suddenly exposed to everyone’s view.

“Close your eyes! Do it now!”

Upon seeing the situation, Leighton urgently instructed everyone in the Mueller family to close their eyes.

However, he sneakily opened his eyes from time to time to steal glances. After all, the eldest daughter of the Mueller family was incredibly refined. It wasn’t every day that Leighton had the opportunity to get a good look at her.

Bianca and the others burst into a fit of laughter, their faces full of mockery.

Selma had killed so many of their friends, so she deserved this current situation.

The other cultivators didn’t care, though. In fact, their eyes widened as they launched into a lively discussion, dissecting every detail.

“As expected of the eldest daughter of the Mueller family. Her skin is really good.”

“Look at how fair it is! It’s possibly due to her practicing the frost techniques. Her entire skin glows with a crystal-like transparency.”

“This trip is truly worthwhile. Even if I didn’t acquire any treasures, being able to admire the body of the eldest daughter of the Mueller family is enough for me to die without regret.”

Selma’s body trembled as all the chatter of the crowd seeping into her ears.

Kai merely gazed at Selma with a derisive smirk, not even blinking an eye.

For him, there was no such thing as being gentle toward women. Only a thick aura of murderous intent could be found in his eyes.

Selma had slain so many holy maidens, and it was up to Kai to avenge them.

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