The Mans Decree (chinese) 3681

“Mr Chen, why don’t I take the lead for you first and explore the way to go ……”

Ochre Yan saw that Kai insisted on entering the mountain cave, so he planned to explore the way!

After all, they did not know anything about the situation in the mountain cave, and Kai would be in danger if he entered rashly in his current condition!

“No, it would be dangerous for you to enter the mountain cave with this strength ……”

Kai shook his head!

“Mr Chen, I’ll go scout the way ……”

The more Patriarch Jiang saw this, the more he spoke!

Since Ochre Yan’s strength was too low, then as the Soul Demon Sect Patriarch, he could enter the mountain cave to scout the way!

“Patriarch Jiang, although there are taboos in this mountain cave, it’s not a dangerous place, if there’s no way to break through the taboos, it will be sent flying out by a mysterious force, it shouldn’t be life threatening, you guys don’t have to worry excessively.”

“However, a dozen or so taboos have been placed in this mountain cave, if you don’t have the confidence to rush through all of them, don’t waste time in front of you, a lot of people have broken through the first few taboos, and then they were directly physically exhausted, and were sent flying out of the cave.”

Zeng Nian An opened his mouth and said!

“What? A dozen taboos?”

Patriarch Jiang said with a face full of shock!

If this was a single taboo, one could still find a way to try their best to break the taboo and get the gongfu intensive!

But this is a dozen taboos, Kai is now in such a situation, where there is still certainty ah!

After Kai heard about the dozen or so taboos, he also frowned and acted a little surprised!

What kind of person was it that laid down so many taboos to seal the Sky Demon Sect’s technique intensively!

“But how many taboos, since I have come then I have to give it a try, hasn’t someone already rushed in and didn’t come out for a long time, there is no time to lose, I am going to act now.”

Kai finished speaking and walked towards that mountain cave!

Accompanied by a ray of light rushing up to the sky, Kai’s figure disappeared into that mountain cave!

Patriarch Jiang as well as Ochre Yan, they were all in a cold sweat for Kai!

On the other hand, that Zeng Nian An had an appreciative look on his face!

A second ranked cultivator of the Transition Realm, to be able to enter this mountain cave alone without the slightest fear, was truly awesome!

After Kai entered the mountain cave, he only felt a blur before his eyes, the crowd behind him had disappeared, and it was as if he himself had entered into a space of nothingness!

The surroundings were grey, one could not see the end at all, nor could one see anything, and even less could one feel the aura of a human being!

“What a strange aura, this space seems to have been carved out separately.”

The Red Cloud Demon Lord felt the aura of this space and couldn’t help but say!

“A space that was opened up? Could it be that this is not in an illusionary realm?”

When Kai had just entered, he had thought that this was in an illusionary realm, if the other party had laid down an illusionary spell formation in the first step, after entering, he would be caught in an illusionary realm and would not be able to break out!

I believe that if this is an illusion, able to eliminate a lot of people, able to lay this kind of illusion spell formation of people also absolutely not poof!

There weren’t many people in the Celestial Realm who knew this kind of spell formation!

But now that the Red Cloud Demon Monarch was actually talking about a space that had been opened up, it made Kai’s heart go up in his throat!

To know that someone who could open up space alone, that strength had definitely reached the Mahayana realm or even higher!

A mere Ferrying Realm cultivator would not yet have the means to tear through the void and open up space alone!

“Senior, are you sure that this is a space opened up alone and not an illusion?”

Kai asked to the Red Cloud Demon Monarch!

He was a little disbelieving that the other party had gone to the trouble of laying down so many taboos just to seal away the Sky Demon Sect’s technique intensively?

Who would be that bored?

“Kid, the old man is losing his memory, not turning into a fool, this kind of in can’t tell the difference, is the name of the old man Demon Monarch not a waste of time?”

Red Cloud Demon Monarch said with some anger!

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