The Mans Decree (chinese) 3682

“Senior, calm down, I didn’t mean that, I believe you!”

Kai apologised repeatedly!

While apologising, Kai flew forward, since this was an opened up space, Kai wanted to see how big it was!

After all, the larger the space that was opened up, the more strength it would require and the more spiritual energy that would be consumed!

But just as Kai had taken a few steps forward, he suddenly froze!

Only to see that in front of him, a white light slowly appeared, followed by countless points of light flickering!

Along with the appearance of the points of light, Kai suddenly felt that the aura of this place was very familiar, but he could not recall it for a moment!

Just as Kai was contemplating, the countless points of light unexpectedly began to slowly merge and soon became a humanoid!

At first, this humanoid was vapourised, and it was impossible to see its appearance at all!

But along with the humanoid becoming more and more solid, Kai instantly froze!

“F*ck, why is it you?”

Kai directly exploded when he saw the person solidifying out of the point of light!

“Hahahaha, I had expected you kid to come!”

The wisp of phantom that solidified out laughed and said to Kai!

“No wonder just now I felt that this aura was somewhat familiar, I couldn’t recall it for a while, so it’s the Blood Demon senior, could it be that this taboo was laid by you?”

Kai’s face was full of excitement, happily stepping forward to hug the Blood Demon!

It was a pity that the Blood Demon’s was only a wisp of phantom and could not be hugged at all!

“I just left behind a wisp of soul in order to meet you kid, I didn’t expect that you indeed didn’t let me wait long.”

The Blood Demon said with a smile!

“Senior Blood Demon, tell me, what is going on here ah?”

Kai was relieved after knowing that this taboo was laid by the Blood Devil, so he wanted to know what exactly the Blood Devil had gone through after returning to the Celestial Realm!

“Good, old me will tell you about it ……”

The Blood Devil smiled and then spoke, while Kai listened quietly, not caring if there was still someone else breaking through the taboo.

It turned out that after the Blood Devil returned to the Celestial Realm with the soul of the Holy Maiden of the Guanghan Palace, he found the Heavenly Demon Sect ready to ask for the Heavenly Demon Stones to help the Holy Maiden of the Guanghan Palace to reshape her physical body!

Only then could the Holy Maiden of Guanghan Palace truly come to life and then recreate Guanghan Palace!

Only the Blood Demon came to ask for the Heavenly Demon Stone and was disliked by Zeng Nian An. In a fit of anger, the Blood Demon hid the Heavenly Demon Sect’s techniques intensively in the mountain cave and laid a dozen or so taboos!

And directly took away most of the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Heavenly Demon Stones, leaving only one Heavenly Demon Stone for the Heavenly Demon Sect!

Zeng Nian An was dumbfounded this time, and didn’t dare to block it, and didn’t have the ability to do so!

Fortunately, the Blood Devil was not a murderous person, and only made a move to teach the Heavenly Demon Sect a lesson, destroying the physical bodies of several Heavenly Demon Sect disciples, but did not exterminate their souls piece by piece!

The souls were still there, so Zeng Nian’an found Patriarch Jiang to help the Heavenly Demon Sect disciples remake their physical bodies, which was the same as living again!

The latter was when Zeng Nian’an began to use the Heavenly Demon Stones as a heavy gift, trying to get someone to bring out the gongfu intensively, but unfortunately they all failed!

“Elder Blood Demon, how did you know that I would come to the Celestial Realm, and how did you know that I would definitely come to the Heavenly Demon Sect? And how did you know that I would break your taboo?”

Kai was puzzled as to how the Blood Demon knew that.

“You brat forgot, I said long ago that we would meet in the Celestial Realm, the secular world cannot hold this true dragon of yours.”

“Not to mention the secular realm, even the Celestial Realm will still not be able to accommodate you, sooner or later, you will be honoured in the Celestial Realm.”

“As for why I knew that you came to the Heavenly Demon Sect, it’s because I knew that after that old thing Wind Demon’s residual soul returned to the Celestial Realm, it would definitely possess someone else, and there was no way for him to remake his physical body.”

“And in order for him to remake his physical body, he has to use the Heavenly Demon Stone, this guy can’t find anyone to help him find the Heavenly Demon Stone, he can only look for you, so I left a wisp of my soul in this taboo, and I’ve been waiting for you all this time!”

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