The Mans Decree (chinese) 3683

“There is only one Heavenly Demon Stone left in the Heavenly Demon Sect, whether you can get your hands on it or not, that’s not certain ……”

Blood Devil said with a smile!

“Blood Demon senior, since you have a dozen Heavenly Demon Stones in your hand, I still look for the Heavenly Demon Sect to ask for the fart ah, I’ll just directly look for you to ask for one.”

“Where are you right now, I’ll go find you right away, just give me one Heavenly Demon Stone!”

Since Kai knew that the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Heavenly Demon Stones were all messed up by the Blood Demon, then what Heavenly Demon Sect to ask for?

“No, I don’t care about that old wind devil brat, if he personally begged me, maybe I’ll be merciful and give him one!”

The Blood Devil said with a playful face!

Kai heard this and then said “Since you won’t give it, then let me break through the taboo and get the Heavenly Demon Sect’s gongfu intensive and follow the Heavenly Demon Sect to exchange for that one Heavenly Demon Stone.”

“You have to rely on your own ability to break through the taboo ah, let me help you count what ah, besides I am now only a wisp of soul, how to help you ah.”

The Blood Devil waved his hand and said!

“Even if you don’t give me the Heavenly Demon Stone, even if you don’t help me break through the taboo that you yourself set up, then are you leaving this wisp of soul behind to watch me laugh?”

Kai was a little angry!

Seeing that Kai was angry, the Blood Devil then smiled and said “Then you can just take it as me looking at you as a joke, now that I have seen you, I can also travel in peace ……”

After the Blood Devil finished speaking, his figure began to become fainter and fainter, and soon he was about to disappear!

“Blood Demon senior, Blood Demon senior, don’t leave like this ……”

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly shouted!

“Don’t shout, let me tell you, the Holy Maiden of the Guanghan Palace has reorganised the Guanghan Palace in the Heavenly Demon Mountain, and I have placed all the Heavenly Demon Stones with her.”

“If you’re capable yourself, go find her and ask for them, but you’ll have to find the Broad Cold Palace first before you can do that.”

The Blood Demon’s voice rang out, but the voice was also getting farther and farther away, and finally disappeared!

“Senior, senior ……”

Kai was no longer able to hear anything from the Blood Demon no matter how much he shouted.

Kai fell into deep thought, did he go to the Holy Maiden of Guanghan Palace to ask for a Heavenly Demon Stone, or did he continue to break through the taboo, get the Heavenly Demon Sect’s gong method intensive, and follow the Heavenly Demon Sect in exchange for a Heavenly Demon Stone?

“What? Afraid to break this taboo?”

The Red Cloud Demon Lord’s voice rang out!

“What am I afraid of, then break this taboo, I also want to see what kind of person is in front of me!”

Kai let out a cold snort and then ran forwards!

Kai easily passed through the first layer of the taboo, it looked like the first layer of the taboo laid down by the Blood Demon was not to block the crowd, but rather to see Kai!

Kai then began to continue to break through the taboos behind him, many of these taboos relied on formations that turned far away, to forcefully break through them, one would surely be vigorously knocked out!

Kai could easily find where the eye of the formation was, and then break the formation, and the force of the taboo would disappear!

In the time it took to burn incense, Kai had broken several taboos in a row and eliminated all of them, so if someone entered from behind, these taboos would no longer exist!

Along with a flash in front of Kai’s eyes, at this time, he unexpectedly appeared in a huge cave, but this cave was densely packed with countless threads!

Kai saw that in the middle of these silk threads, a figure was frowning tightly, seemingly thinking of a way to break it!

“Ning Family Ancestor?”

Kai exclaimed in shock immediately after seeing that person!

He had never expected that the person in this mountain cave would be the Ning Family’s Old Ancestor!

Ning Caichen had died tragically in the Devil Swallowing Cave, but this Ning Clan Old Ancestor had unexpectedly appeared here!

Most importantly, this Ning Family Ancestor had actually followed Qi Peijia to this Heavenly Demon Sect.

After hearing Kai’s alarmed cry, Ning Zhi also instantly turned his head to see Kai!

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