The Mans Decree (chinese) 3684

“What brings you here?”

Seeing Kai, Ning Zhi was also very shocked, how could he not expect that Kai would come back here!

Moreover, Kai had been hunted down by the Demon Sealing Alliance, and they had even designed to frame him, but now Kai still appeared in front of him in one piece!

“And why are you here? Don’t you know that your Ning Family Head has died a tragic death?”

Kai also asked with a puzzled face!

However, just after the words were said, Kai’s eyes were already, dead set on Ning Zhi!

This was because he had discovered that Ning Zhi’s body was unexpectedly erupting with the aura of the peak of the Transition Realm at the moment, in a short period of time this Ning Clan’s old ancestor had been promoted to the peak of the Transition Realm, it was simply too outrageous!

What was even more outrageous was how the Ning Clan’s old ancestor’s body could have the aura of the Demon Clan.

Kai, however, knew that the Ning Family was not demonic cultivators, but all human cultivators!

Looking at Ning Zhi in front of him, after associating him with Qi Peijia, and the tragic death of Ning Caixin, Kai seemed to understand something!

“What exactly are you? You’re not an old ancestor of the Ning Clan?”

Kai asked as he looked at Ning Zhi warily!

Ning Zhi saw that Kai suspected himself, so there was no need to disguise himself, Kai was just a mere second grade cultivator of the Transitional Apparition Realm!

And Ning Zhi was now at the peak of the Transition Realm, wanting to kill Kai was simply easy, so there was no need to hide his identity!

“Hahaha, Kai you’re still so smart, you’re right, I’m not an old ancestor of the Ning family, I’m just using this old guy’s physical body.”

Ning Zhi said with a loud laugh!

Listening to Ning Zhi’s voice, Kai fell into deep thought and once again asked in a stern voice “What exactly are you?”

“Kai, don’t you even remember your old friend? You all thought that I was dead, but unfortunately I have come back to life.”

“As long as I get the Heavenly Demon Stone, after remodelling my flesh, I become my original self again.”

Ning Zhi said with a cold smile on his face!

“Ning Zhi?” Kai froze as the figure of Ning Zhi instantly flashed through his mind!

However, at that time, he did see that Ning Zhi was dead, and later he himself was sucked into the Celestial Realm, but the remnant soul of Ning Zhi was also sucked into the Celestial Realm later on, which Kai did not know!

“Congratulations on your correct answer, but there is no reward, but I can make your death less painful!”

Ning Zhi laughed!

“I really didn’t expect you to still be alive, having been hidden within the body of the Ning Clan’s oldest ancestor, but you’re my undoing in the mundane realm, and it’ll be the same in the Celestial Realm as well.”

“What can you do now even if you’ve reached the peak of the Transition Realm, this old and tattered body of yours, I’m afraid that it simply makes it impossible for you to exert your full strength.”

“Not to mention that this place is also filled with taboos, I’m not afraid of you at all, if I can kill you once, I can kill you a second time!”

Kai said with indifference!

Although Ning Zhi had already reached the peak of the Transition Realm, however, this body that he had now did not allow him to explode to his full strength, and there was still a possibility that if he exerted too much force, this fleshly body would not be able to withstand it, and there was still a possibility that it could explode itself!

At that time, Ning Zhi had become a remnant soul again, how could he kill Kai?

Ning Zhi himself also knows this, so has not been on Kai, he needs to remake the body, in the Kai, then there will be nine out of ten certainty!

“Kai, you are too arrogant, even if this flesh body of mine is old and tattered, it is more than enough to deal with you, a second rank of the Transition Realm!”

Ning Zhi gritted his teeth and said with a face full of mockery!

“Is that so? Let’s give it a try then……”

Kai said, and the Divine King Bow instantly appeared in his hand!

In this mountain cave, there were only the two of them, so Kai could unashamedly take out the God King Bow!

Now this God King Bow was also Kai’s most powerful weapon!

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