The Mans Decree (chinese) 3685

Following Qi Peijia’s battle, Kai had suffered a great deal of attrition, and if he were to follow Ning Zhi and fight again now, Kai would not be able to last more than a few rounds!

Therefore, as soon as he struck, he took out his most powerful Divine King Bow!

When the Divine King Bow came out, the cave was filled with the majesty of a superior!

Looking at the Divine King Bow in Kai’s hand, Ning Zhi’s brows furrowed, he knew the power of the Divine King Bow, and he also knew how powerful the Divine King Bow was!

And in the middle of this mountain cave, if the two fought, he was afraid that it would cause the entire cave to collapse, plus the fact that the surroundings were all forbidden, Ning Zhi was still contemplating on how to break through, and if they fought, they might be injured by the forbidden!

“Kai, in this mountain cave, it’s full of taboos, if the two of us fight, we might lose both of us, and then all of us will be buried inside this mountain cave.”

“I don’t care what you came in here to do, let’s each use our own skills to break through this taboo, and after we leave this mountain cave, how about we settle our grudges?”

Ning Zhi was a little scared, he had managed to survive until now, as long as he got the Heavenly Demon Stone to reshape his flesh, then he would be able to glorify the Mahayana Realm!

A Mahayana realm cultivator was an existence that he hadn’t even dared to think about before!

Having come to this point, Ning Zhi didn’t want to end up losing everything just to follow Kai in a battle!

“Good, then let’s wait until we go out and fight again ……”

Kai put away the Divine King Bow!

In fact, Kai didn’t want to fight, he was now using the Divine King Bow to leverage his momentum, fortunately, it was to scare Ning Zhi, so that this guy didn’t dare to make a move now!

If Ning Zhi really made a move now, Kai wouldn’t be able to hold out for long even if he had the Divine King Bow, after all, he was very weak right now!

When Ning Zhi saw that Kai had put away the Divine King Bow, he also once again focused on those taboos!

Now that he had broken into the middle, as long as he broke through a few taboos, he would be able to see the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Secret Realm of Merit!

By the time he got his hands on the secret realm of feats, he would be able to exchange it for the Heavenly Demon Stones and reshape his physical body!

Ning Zhi carefully observed the thousands of threads in front of him, then carefully marched forward!

When Kai saw Ning Zhi’s cautious appearance, the corner of his mouth hooked up into a cold smile, then a burst of golden light erupted around his body, and he actually familiarly travelled towards that complete silk thread!

Kai’s speed was so fast that he instantly surpassed Ning Zhi and walked in front of him!

When Ning Zhi saw this, he was shocked, but seeing that Kai was actually blocked by this taboo without any obstruction, his heart was furious!

“Explode ……”

Ning Zhi roared, his eyes became crimson, and a black mist instantly erupted in front of him!

As the black mist erupted, the surrounding taboos all shook!

Originally, Ning Zhi had wanted to steadily break through the taboos and get the Heavenly Demon Sect Technique Mysteries in exchange for the Heavenly Demon Stones!

But now Kai’s appearance made it impossible for him to break through the taboos slowly and leisurely!

Ning Zhi began to utilise violent impacts!

Kai, on the other hand, used his stance and understanding of the Blood Demon to continuously break forward!

The two of them broke forward one after the other!

Soon they arrived at the place where the dense collection of merit laws was stored!

When Kai saw that the jade slip of the merit law was right in front of him, a strand of aura flew out and tried to take that jade slip of the merit law in his hand!

However, before this aura could touch the merit jade slip, it was directly crushed, and around that merit jade slip, Kai sensed the presence of an aura!

This was the aura of a Blood Demon, but Kai could conclude that this aura was by no means a taboo laid down using some sort of spell formation!

Kai charged forward, intending to try once more!

“Go to hell ……”

When Ning Zhi saw that Kai was going to take the merit jade slip, he immediately had a fierce look on his face, and a black mist came towards Kai!

Seeing this, Kai instinctively dashed forward, dodging the black mist!

A strike from the peak of the Transition Realm, Kai, even if he was a fool, would not be able to resist it!

Furthermore, he was already very weak right now!

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