The Mans Decree (chinese) 3686

Kai’s body charged forward as if it had pierced through a layer of ripples and stood in front of that merit jade slip!

Immediately after that, that Ning Zhi’s strike also arrived!

Only this black mist suddenly collapsed when it was only a few steps away from Kai!

Ning Zhi was stunned, and then he swung out several black mists again, and the result was still the same, it collapsed in front of Kai!

Seeing this, Kai carefully surveyed his surroundings and found that around this gongfu jade slip, there was a forbidden force, although it could not be seen or touched, Kai could feel it!

Just now, Kai’s aura was also touched by this forbidden force and collapsed!

Kai saw that Ning Zhi had no way to break through this taboo force, his heart relaxed a lot, so he reached out and wanted to pick up the merit jade slip!

But just as he reached out, a golden light erupted from the merit jade slip, and Kai’s body seemed to be instantly crushed under a mountain as he fell to the ground with a plop!

“What is this situation?”

Kai was alarmed, this was right in front of his eyes, how come he still couldn’t get the jade slip of the merit law!

It could not be that the Blood Demon had even placed a taboo on top of this Feat Jade Slip!

Just when Kai did not know what was going on, within the merit jade, slowly emitted a breath that Kai was very familiar with!

This was the aura that the Blood Demon had emitted when it was resurrected!

As these auras surrounded Kai, Kai felt an incomparable relief and began to greedily absorb the aura!

“The taboo on this merit jade slip, with your current strength, I’m afraid that there is no way to break it, unless you borrow the power of the thunderbolt, you might be able to blast open this taboo!”

The Red Cloud Demon Lord opened his mouth and said!

“The power of the Thunder Tribulation? What do you mean by that, I need to make a breakthrough here and attract a thunderbolt in order to break the taboo on this Feat Jade Simplex?”

Kai asked in surprise!

“Not bad, not to mention your strength, even if you were at the peak of the Ferrying Realm, you wouldn’t be able to break this taboo, so even if you rushed to the end, there would be no way to get this Feat Jade Simplification, unless you are able to make a breakthrough here and invoke the thunderbolt to help!”

The Red Cloud Demon Lord nodded his head and said!

When Kai heard this, he was speechless, what was this Blood Demon up to, no wonder the Heavenly Demon Sect had searched for so many masters, and in the end all of them failed, who would have thought that this kind of taboo was still laid on this merit jade slip!

If it is not the Red Cloud Demon Monarch, Kai also does not know how to break this taboo power ah!

But to break through right now, how easy would it be, Kai’s breakthroughs in each of the minor realms would require huge resources!

However, absorbing the aura emanating from the jade sketch of the technique, Kai thought of the Heavenly Demon Dragon Ginseng in his storage ring!

Perhaps by taking the Heavenly Demon Dragon Ginseng, he would be able to bring his strength to the critical point of breakthrough!

Kai took out the Heavenly Demon Dragon Ginseng and began to absorb it!

Surrounded by the protection of the forbidden power, Kai was not afraid that Ning Zhi would be detrimental to him!

With Ning Zhi’s ability, if he wanted to break through the taboos that the Blood Demon had purposely laid down, he was afraid that he did not have that ability yet!

Kai sat on his knees and quietly began to cultivate!

Ning Zhi instantly froze when he saw this scene, he didn’t understand if this Kai had his head kicked by a stove, how did he suddenly start cultivating in such a place?

Ning Zhi’s entire body rushed towards Kai!


Accompanied by a loud bang, Ning Zhi’s entire person seemed to be sent flying out by a huge force!

Immediately after that, the entire person’s mind went blank inside!

When Ning Zhi was able to see clearly, he realised that he had actually arrived outside the mountain cave!

At this moment, outside the cave, Patriarch Jiang and Zeng Nian’an were waiting anxiously!

Hearing a sudden loud bang, and then someone flying out of the mountain cave, Patriarch Jiang and Ochre Yan quickly rushed over, all of them assuming that it was Kai who had been sent flying out!

After all, with Kai’s weak body, it was feared that it would be a mirage if he wanted to break through the taboo within the mountain cave to get the gongfu intensive!

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