The Mans Decree (chinese) 3687

“What kind of person is this?”

Seeing Ning Zhi, Jiang Yulian was puzzled!

Patriarch Jiang was also full of doubts as he saw that it wasn’t Kai who had been sent flying out, but a stranger!

Ochre Yan was also slightly stunned when he saw Ning Zhi, he recognised Ning Zhi, but how did this old ancestor of the Ning Clan, appear here?

“Sect master, this is the person who started the challenge, and now he’s also been sent flying out by the ban, having failed ……”

After seeing Ning Zhi, the Heavenly Demon Sect elder said to Zeng Nian’an!

When Zeng Nian’an heard this, his heart was like ashes, originally, he still had hope that Ning Zhi could help them take out the gongfu intensive, but now he had failed!

Zeng Nian An did not put his hope on Kai at all, after all, when Kai entered the mountain cave, his body was very weak, he had just gone through a vicious battle, was there was no way at all to break through the taboo within the mountain cave!

Ning Zhi’s face was also ugly at this time, having just been sent flying by an inexplicable force that made his body a little uncomfortable!

Ning Zhi was wondering why Kai could easily get close to that Feat Jade Slip, while he was directly sent flying out?

According to strength, he was much stronger than Kai!

Ning Zhi, who was puzzled, simply didn’t think about it, even if he didn’t get the merit dense, he still had to get the Heavenly Demon Stone, otherwise there was no way to reshape his physical body.

Kai glanced at Patriarch Jiang and the others and didn’t say anything, he didn’t know these people either!

But Ning Zhi knew the Heavenly Demon Sect Elder, after all, it was the Elder who had brought them here!

So Ning Zhi walked towards the Heavenly Demon Sect Elder!

“This fellow Daoist, have you managed to get your hands on the Gongfu Intensive?”

The Heavenly Demon Sect Elder asked Ning Zhi!

Ning Zhi shook his head and said “No……”

“I’m sorry then, if you haven’t succeeded, there’s no moving thing our Heavenly Demon Sect can give you.”

“Please also leave ……”

The Heavenly Demon Sect elder said politely!

But Ning Zhi took a step forward, his eyes filled with a bit of coldness as he said “Even if it didn’t work out, I still want the Heavenly Demon Stone, so I’m hoping that you’ll be able to give me the Heavenly Demon Stone!”

The Heavenly Demon Sect Elder stared blankly, then looked at Zeng Nian An!

“Fellow Daoist, our Heavenly Demon Sect has the rules of the Heavenly Demon Sect, how is it possible for you to want the Heavenly Demon Stone when you didn’t succeed.”

Zeng Nian’an said with a cold snort!

“You are?” Ning Zhi looked towards Zeng Nian’an!

“This is our Heavenly Demon Sect’s Sectmaster Zeng!” The Heavenly Demon Sect elder introduced!

Upon hearing this, Ning Zhi took a closer look at Zeng Nian’an, the eighth rank of the Transition Realm cultivation, which caused the corner of Ning Zhi’s mouth to raise!

“How is that impossible?”

After Ning Zhi finished speaking, he suddenly struck out at the Heavenly Demon Sect Elder in front of him.

The Heavenly Demon Sect Elder didn’t even have time to react in any way, and his entire body was sent flying by Ning Zhi’s palm!

With that single slap, the Heavenly Demon Sect Elder’s body directly exploded in midair, scattering a rain of blood!

Seeing this sudden situation, everyone froze!

No one had expected that this fellow, Ning Zhi, would suddenly strike, and the moment he did so, it was a killing move that showed no mercy!

When Zeng Nian An saw that his elder had been killed, after being slightly stunned, his entire body instantly became furious, and the aura on his body continued to rise!

The many disciples of the Heavenly Demon Sect seemed to have sensed Zeng Nian An’s aura, and also came running!

Dozens of Heavenly Demon Sect disciples surrounded Ning Zhi, but Ning Zhi didn’t have the slightest bit of panic on his face!

“Give me the Heavenly Demon Stone and your Heavenly Demon Sect lives well, if not, that man just now is what will happen to your Heavenly Demon Sect!”

Ning Zhi said with a flat face!

“Our Heavenly Demon Sect is not a place where you can act wildly!”

Zeng Nian’an raged, and behind him a shadow slowly appeared, which then solidified into a giant several zhang tall!

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