The Mans Decree (chinese) 3688

The giant held a vajra pestle and wore a purple and gold crown on his head, and his face was very hideous, just like a great devil!

“Heavenly Demon Transformation ……”

When Patriarch Jiang saw this scene, he couldn’t help but cry out in shock!

“Master, what is the Heavenly Demon Transformation?”

Jiang Yulian asked curiously!

“This is the Heavenly Demon Sect’s mastery, the Heavenly Demon Sect has always survived in the Heavenly Demon Mountain, and has been able to exist in the depths of this Heavenly Demon Mountain for thousands of years because of the Heavenly Demon Transformation.”

“Legend has it that the devil that appeared from this Heavenly Devil Transformation is the guardian of the Heavenly Devil Sect and the devil that was suppressed in this Heavenly Devil Mountain, because of the guardian of this devil, the Heavenly Devil Sect was able to exist for thousands of years.”

“The moment Sect Master Zeng strikes, it seems like he knows that the other party is not easy to deal with ……”

Patriarch Jiang explained!

When Ochre Yan heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh inwardly, how could this great devil be the one who was suppressed by the Heavenly Demon Mountain, much less the Heavenly Demon Sect Guardian!

The devil that was suppressed under this Heavenly Demon Mountain was only the Red Cloud Demon Lord in Kai’s mind!

However, there was such a legend, it should have been spread out by the Heavenly Demon Sect itself, and it was just to raise the reputation of their sect!

“Kid, you killed my Heavenly Demon Sect’s Elder and tried to forcefully rob the Heavenly Demon Stone, you simply deserve to die, let us, the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Guardian Troll, come and collect your life today!”

After Zeng Nian’an finished speaking, the troll behind him leapt up, and the vajra mortar and pestle in his hand ruthlessly smashed towards Ning Zhi!

With a body of several feet, Ning Zhi was like an ant in front of this troll!

However, Kai turned to the troll and actually laughed!

“What a F*cking guardian, it’s just a trick to deceive people, is this the kind of trick your Heavenly Demon Sect relies on to survive?”

Ning Zhi laughed coldly as his body instantly disappeared before appearing in mid-air!

Ning Zhi’s thin body faced the troll straight on, his eyes dripping with disdainful contempt!

Immediately after that, a black mist appeared in Ning Zhi’s hand, and a mournful scream resounded from within the black mist!

This mass of black mist was casually thrown by Ning Zhi, instantly transforming into a stern ghost!

Like a meteor, this stern ghost headed towards the troll’s chest!


However, it was only an instant, and while the vajra mortar and pestle in the troll’s hand was still stuck in midair, his body had already been penetrated by the malicious ghost!

After a slight pause, a hiss suddenly escaped from the troll’s mouth!

The huge body then roared with thanks, and immediately after, it disappeared into thin air!

Ning Zhi, on the other hand, landed back on the ground and quietly looked at Zeng Nian’an!

And at that moment, blood was flowing out of the corner of Zeng Nian’an’s mouth, he didn’t expect that he hadn’t been able to carry off even a single move of his own jutsu in front of Ning Zhi!

“Hand over the Heavenly Demon Stones and I can not kill you, otherwise I will leave the Heavenly Demon Mountain without a single piece of armour ……”

Ning Zhi’s heart was extremely inflated at the moment!

If he had known that this was all the Heavenly Demon Sect was capable of, he would have used force from the start and directly snatched it, so why bother taking any merit intensive techniques!

“You ……”

Zeng Nian An was just about to refuse when Ning Zhi’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him!

Only to see Ning Zhi pinch Zeng Nian’an’s neck, his eyes filled with ferocity as he said “Hand over the Heavenly Demon Stone, or die, your choice ……”

Zeng Nian’an felt the terrifying aura on Ning Zhi’s body, and his body involuntarily trembled!

He believed that as long as he dared to utter a single word of no right now, Ning Zhi would kill him without hesitation!

After hesitating for a moment, Zeng Nian’an let out a sigh, then loudly ordered “Go get the Heavenly Demon Stone ……”

With Zeng Nian’an’s order, the Heavenly Demon Stone was soon brought!

When Ning Zhi saw the Heavenly Demon Stone, a smile appeared on his face and he directly put it away!

After letting go of Zeng Nian’an, Ning Zhi turned his head and left!

Before recovering his physical body, Ning Zhi didn’t want to make too many enemies, so after obtaining the Heavenly Demon Stone, Ning Zhi really let the Heavenly Demon Sect go!

Seeing Ning Zhi take away the only Heavenly Demon Sect’s Heavenly Demon Stone, Patriarch Jiang and Ochre Yan were all anxious, but no one dared to stop them!

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