The Mans Decree (chinese) 3690

“The thunder tribulation is coming down ……”

Jiang Yulian who saw this scene shouted!

Everyone was staring tightly at the thunderbolt, wanting to see where it struck, that way they would know who was breaking through!

Zeng Nian An and all the people from the Heavenly Demon Sect were also staring at the thunderbolt with dead eyes, they were also all very curious and wanted to know who was breaking through in the Heavenly Demon Sect!

Rumble …………

There was a sudden deafening sound, and everyone couldn’t help but cover their ears!

Only to see a bolt of lightning strike down from the thunderbolt cloud!

And the place where this lightning struck was surprisingly the mountain peak in front of Patriarch Jiang and their eyes!

The lightning instantly struck above the mountain peak, and the huge mountain peak unexpectedly gave way to a crack directly, and the lightning followed the crack all the way down!

“This …………”

Jiang Zongzhi’s mouth widened, his face full of incredulity!

“Mr Chen, it’s Mr Chen, he’s broken through ……”

When Ochre Yan saw this, he immediately roared with joy!

None of them had expected that Kai would break through in the middle of that mountain cave!

On the other hand, Zeng Nian An, who saw the lightning strike, leapt and went straight to the location where the thunderbolt had fallen!

The other Heavenly Demon Sect disciples also ran there!

When they saw that the thunderbolt was falling on top of the mountain peak behind the Sky Demon Sect, they too were instantly frozen!

“Patriarch Jiang, what’s going on?”

Zeng Nianan asked to Patriarch Jiang!

“It’s Mr Chen, Mr Chen has made a breakthrough ……”

Patriarch Jiang explained.

“How is it possible, breaking through in this mountain cave, there are quite a few prohibitions here!”

Zeng Nian An was filled with shock!

And at this moment, Kai was in the mountain cave, his body levitating as countless golden lights shone out from around his body!

It was accompanied by a thunderbolt that descended and bombarded Kai’s body!

Kai did not put up the slightest resistance, but instead, he invoked the thunderbolt to pass through his body, and then blasted on top of the merit jade slip!

Along with the thunderbolt’s bombardment, the restriction on the merit jade slip was weakened by one point!

A series of nine thunderbolts blasted down, and the thunderbolt cloud slowly dissipated!

The entire heaven and earth fell into silence!

“Nine such terrifying thunder tribulations, how could it be a second ranked cultivator of the Transition Realm breaking through? How could he possibly resist such terrifying thunder tribulations?”

Zeng Nianan said in shock as he looked at the dissipating thunder tribulation clouds!

It was important to know that cultivators who had failed to breakthrough abounded, all of whom had died under the thunder tribulation!

“Master, will Chen be alright?”

Jiang Yulian couldn’t help but worry when she saw that there was no movement in the mountain cave even after the thunder tribulation!

“Don’t worry, Mr Chen will be fine, I have faith in him!”

Ochre Yan said before him!

He had followed Kai for such a long time and knew Kai’s strength!

Just as everyone was quietly looking at the mountain peak in front of them, suddenly the mountain peak collapsed to the sides!

The towering mountain peak was levelled to the ground in a short moment!

The moment the mountain peak collapsed, a golden light shot up into the sky, followed by the crowd seeing a figure rushing into the sky before hovering in mid-air!

“Mr Chen, it’s Mr Chen ……”

Ochre Yan yelled!

At this moment, Kai, whose body was wrapped in golden light, was suspended in mid-air as if he was a god descending from the sky!

Especially the vastness of his body, which made people not dare to look directly at him!

“Breakthrough, I didn’t expect that breaking through a small realm would result in such a big change in Mr Chen, wizard, truly a wizard!”

Patriarch Jiang felt the change in Kai’s aura and couldn’t help but exclaim!

Zeng Nian An was also staring at Kai with wide eyes and dead eyes!

He was not looking at Kai, but at the jade slip of the gong method Kai was holding in his hand, which was the intensive gong method of their Heavenly Demon Sect!

“Sect Master, jade slip, our Heavenly Demon Sect’s merit law jade slip!”

A Heavenly Demon Sect disciple shouted excitedly!

“Shut up, I saw it!”

Zeng Nian An coldly glanced at the disciple!

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