The Mans Decree (chinese) 3691

At this time, it was not appropriate to yell and scream, as if yelling and screaming would destroy the sacredness of the moment!

Kai’s body slowly fell, then walked over to Zeng Nian An!

“Sect Master Zeng, let’s see if this is your Heavenly Demon Sect’s gongfu intensive!”

Kai handed the jade slip of the gong method in his hand to Zeng Nian’an!

“Yes yes yes!” Zeng Nian’an received the merit jade slip and nodded like a child in excitement!

With the gongfa intensive, their Heavenly Demon Sect would be able to continue their legacy!

“Since that’s the case, I also hope that Sect Master Zeng keeps his promise and gives me the Heavenly Demon Stone!”

Kai said indifferently!

It was for the sake of the Heavenly Demon Sect that Kai had gone to help the Heavenly Demon Sect to get the gongfa intensive, otherwise how could he have gone to that mountain cave!

However, it was also because of this that Kai knew the whereabouts of the Blood Demon, and also received help from the Blood Demon within the mountain cave to break through to the third rank of the Transition Realm!

Kai knew that if it wasn’t for the scent that the Blood Demon had left on top of the Feat Jade Slip, it would simply be impossible to break through to the third rank of the Transition Realm if he relied on the Heavenly Demon Dragon Ginseng alone!

Hearing Kai’s words, Zeng Nian’an was stunned, and then his face was filled with embarrassment, “Mr Chen, I …… I ……”

Zeng Nian An did not know how to follow Kai, after all, using the Heavenly Demon Stone as an exchange, this was what he had promised!

But now that Kai had taken out the gongfu intensively, he could not take out the Heavenly Demon Stone!

“Mr Chen, the Heavenly Demon Sect can’t get the Heavenly Demon Stones!”

At this time, Patriarch Jiang stepped forward and helped Zeng Nian An out!

“What’s going on?” Kai frowned!

“Someone just snatched the last Heavenly Demon Sect’s Heavenly Demon Stone, so now I’m afraid that Sect Master Zeng can’t get it out.”

Patriarch Jiang said!

“What kind of person?” Kai was stunned!

“Mr Chen, it’s that Ning Family Ancestor, when he came out of the mountain cave, he made a move to hijack Sect Master Zeng and then got the Heavenly Demon Stone.”

Ochre Yan stepped forward and spoke!

Only Ochre Yan knew Ning Zhi and knew his identity!

“So it’s this fellow Ning Zhi, it seems like he really didn’t wait for me outside!”

Kai was not much surprised when he heard that it was Ning Zhi who had snatched it away!

After all, this Ning Zhi fellow followed the other enemies differently, this fellow’s IQ was a bit high, and he also didn’t follow the rules a lot of the time!

“Mr Chen, I’m really sorry, but don’t worry, I’ll immediately have all the disciples of the Heavenly Demon Sect head out to search for the Heavenly Demon Stone, and after I find it, I’ll hand it over to Mr Chen at the first opportunity!”

Zeng Nian An said with great shame!

After all, his promise had not been fulfilled, and this made him very uneasy!

“No need, I’ll look elsewhere!”

Kai shook his head!

Kai knew that there were Heavenly Demon Stones within the Guanghan Palace, so as long as he found the Guanghan Palace, he would be able to obtain the Heavenly Demon Stones!

Only where the Broad Cold Palace was, that Blood Demon did not say, only that it was on the Heavenly Demon Mountain!

But this Heavenly Demon Mountain is thousands of miles long, stretching across the entire Southern Region, spanning across an unknown number of counties and cities, when is this going to be found ah!

“Mr Chen, could it be that you still know where else there are Heavenly Demon Stones?”

Patriarch Jiang asked in disbelief!

Kai nodded and said “Patriarch Jiang, do you know where Guanghan Palace is?”

“Guanghan Palace?”

Patriarch Jiang heard and then shook his head “I don’t know, could it be that that Guanghan Palace has Heavenly Demon Stones?”

“Right!” Kai said!

“I’ve never heard of this Broad Cold Palace, is it not in the Southern Region? But if it’s in the Southern Region, how could it have Heavenly Demon Stones?”

Zeng Nian An also didn’t know where that Guang Han Palace was!

“It seems that I can only take my time to find it, this Guanghan Palace is on the Heavenly Demon Mountain.”

Kai was also helpless, after all, it had only been more than half a year since the rebuilding of the Broad Cold Palace, it was normal that many people did not know about it!

“Mr Chen, although we don’t know about the Broad Cold Palace, there is a place that we should probably know about.”

Patriarch Jiang said!

“Where is it?” Kai was delighted!

If the location of the Guanghan Palace was known, it would be much better!

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