The Mans Decree (chinese) 3692

“Patriarch Jiang, are you talking about that Wan Tong Pavilion?”

Zeng Nian An asked!

“Precisely, I think that Wan Tong Pavilion definitely knows where Guang Han Palace is.”

“Let alone a clan, even if it’s a mouse in the Southern Region, the Wantong Pavilion would know about it.”

Patriarch Jiang nodded!

“Patriarch Jiang, what is this Wantong Pavilion?”

Kai was surprised and asked!

“Mr Chen, this Wan Tong Pavilion is the largest transport organisation in the entire Southern Region, as long as one is willing to spend money, there is nothing you can’t learn about, and this Wan Tong Pavilion also has its own airships, allowing one to easily travel across the Heavenly Demon Mountain and across the entire Southern Region.”

“It is also because this Wantong Pavilion goes around the Southern Region, so it knows more things than others, we only need to go to the Wantong Pavilion to ask around, and perhaps we will know the exact location of that Broad Cold Palace.”

Patriarch Jiang explained after Kai!

“Understood ……,” Kai nodded!

This Wantong Pavilion sounded like it should be the same as the Ji Yun Family’s industry, both operating airship businesses and engaging in transport!

However, the Ji Yun family did not sell information, and the scale sounded like it was not as big as this Wantong Pavilion!

To be able to form such a large transport in the Southern Region and also sell information, then the owner of this Wan Tong Pavilion must not be an ordinary person!

“Mr Chen, I can take you to the Wantong Pavilion to try your luck, but you’ll have to change your appearance before you can do so, right now, I’m afraid that a lot of people are looking for you.”

Patriarch Jiang said!


Kai nodded, then with a turn of his body’s aura, Kai changed into the appearance of a middle-aged man!

“Mr Chen, although my Heavenly Demon Sect doesn’t have the Heavenly Demon Stones that you need anymore, but you will definitely need a lot of spirit coins to go to the Wantong Pavilion, I have some Purple Gold Spirit Coins here, this one Purple Gold Spirit Coin can be worth a million ordinary spirit coins, I still hope that Mr Chen will accept it.”

Zeng Nian An said as he pulled out a bag of Purple Gold Spirit Coins!

Kai was not polite and directly took the purple gold spirit coins, after all, Ji Yun was not around, it was inconvenient if Kai needed to spend money!

After saying goodbye to Zeng Nian An, Kai set off on their way to the Wantong Pavilion!

The journey was smooth, except for the way Jiang Yulian and Ochre Yan were kissing each other, which made Zheng Jian’s heart grow more and more hateful!

All along the way, Zheng Jian did not speak and his face was blue!

After a day and night of travelling without rest, Kai and the others finally arrived at the Wantong Pavilion!

After looking at a huge city in front of them, Kai was a little confused!

Only to see the three words Wantong Pavilion written above the city!

“Is this …… this the Wantong Pavilion?”

Kai asked with some surprise!

He thought that the Wantong Pavilion was just a clan, not much larger, but now what appeared before his eyes was actually a huge city!

Moreover, this city was much larger than the Demon Emperor City!

It couldn’t be possible that such a large city was that Wantong Pavilion, could it?

“Mr Chen, this is the Wan Tong Pavilion, this area of the city is all owned by the Wan Tong Pavilion, the Wan Tong Pavilion is considered to be the richest clan in the entire Southern Domain, right now the Wan Tong Pavilion is not only engaging in transporting and selling information, it also engages in a number of auctions, all of which are novelties that have been brought in from all over the world.”

Patriarch Jiang explained!

“This Wantong Pavilion is so rich, isn’t it afraid that someone will miss it?”

Kai asked in surprise!

After all, there was no order to speak of in this Celestial Realm, if one did not have a strong strength, one would not be able to guard so much wealth!

“Mr Chen, it’s fine in the Southern Region, especially in this area of the Heavenly Demon Mountain, still no one dares to mess around.”

“Not to mention that the Master of the Wantong Pavilion, I’ve heard that his strength is also very strong, a divine dragon is not to be seen, no one has ever seen the Master of the Wantong Pavilion.”

“And this Wantong Pavilion follows many sects that have co-operated, and there are sub-pavilions in various places, so no one has ever messed with the Wantong Pavilion!”

Patriarch Jiang continued to explain!

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