The Mans Decree (chinese) 3693

Kai nodded, and then the few people walked into the Wantong Pavilion!

After walking into the Wantong Pavilion, there were quite a few cultivators on the street, there were also a lot of shops for sale, it was bustling with activity, this was one of the most lively cities that Kai had seen in the Celestial Realm!

This was the most lively city Kai had ever seen. In addition to the human cultivators, there were also beasts and a small number of demonic cultivators skulking around in the streets of the Wantong Pavilion, which was not very common!

Right now, the rest of the Celestial Realm was boycotting devil cultivators everywhere, and only this part of the Heavenly Demon Mountain was able to be so friendly to devil cultivators!

Patriarch Jiang led Kai and the others into an attic that did not look very impressive!

“Mr Chen, this is where the Wan Tong Pavilion sells information, don’t look at this place as inconspicuous, the information that goes out from here can be very explosive.”

“Some people who are looking for the location of their enemies and selling the location of their treasures come here, and there are even people who come here to investigate their daoist information.”

Patriarch Jiang whispered after Kai!

Kai did not want to know any gossip information, he only wanted to know the exact location of the Guanghan Palace.

Inside the attic there were different rooms of different sizes, and each room had a small sign hanging on the door!

“Mr Chen, wait a moment, I’m going to ask, it’s only possible if you make a reservation first.”

Patriarch Jiang said to Kai!

Kai nodded “Go ahead ……”

Only to see Patriarch Jiang walk into a small room and walk out after staying inside for ten minutes!

“Mr Chen, the appointment is in the afternoon, we need to wait in ……”

Patriarch Jiang said!

“Then let’s wait!”

Kai wasn’t in a hurry, that Wind Demon wasn’t particularly in a hurry to need the Heavenly Demon Stone, as long as he could find the Heavenly Demon Stone for the Wind Demon!

“Mr Chen, since we have to wait, why don’t we take a look around this Wantong Pavilion ……”

Jiang Yulian proposed!

In fact, Jiang Yulian still wanted to follow Ochre Yan around casually, only fearing that Patriarch Jiang would not agree, so she followed Kai and said!

“Yeah, just in time to see if there are any good things.”

Kai smiled and nodded!

Since Kai had also said to walk around, Patriarch Jiang couldn’t say anything else!

The group walked casually on the street, Jiang Yulian pulled Ochre Yan’s hand and looked around curiously!

After all, their Soul Demon Sect was not as prosperous as this place!

“Patriarch Jiang, may I ask if you are the Soul Demon Sect’s Patriarch Jiang?”

At this moment, a middle-aged, slightly chubby man walked over with a smile and looked at Patriarch Jiang and asked!

The man’s face was a little less than favourable, and his eyes were glowing red, like he was on the verge of a mental breakdown!

Patriarch Jiang looked at the man in front of him and frowned slightly, very puzzled, “Yes, it’s me, may I ask who you are?”

“Patriarch Jiang, it’s really you, what a coincidence, I was about to send someone to the Soul Demon Sect to invite you.”

“I’m the elder of this Wan Tong Pavilion, my surname is Xia.”

The middle-aged man hurriedly introduced himself!

Upon hearing that he was an elder of the Wantong Pavilion, Patriarch Jiang instantly became polite.

After all, an elder of the Wantong Pavilion, regardless of his status, was not in the least inferior to him, the Soul Demon Sect Patriarch ah!

What’s more, they still had something to ask for when they came to the Wantong Pavilion, and it would be much easier if they had this Elder Xia to help them out.

“So it’s Elder Xia, what a loss of respect, I wonder what Elder Xia is looking for me for?”

Patriarch Jiang asked suspiciously!

“Patriarch Jiang, it’s a long story, if you have time, I still hope you can come to the humble abode for a sit!”

Elder Xia extended an invitation to Patriarch Jiang!

Patriarch Jiang looked at Kai before nodding his head and saying “That’s fine, I don’t have much to do at this time.”

Upon hearing that Patriarch Jiang had agreed, that Elder Xia cheered up and his face became much better!

“Master, I’ll follow Brother Yan to casually look around, so I won’t follow ……”

Jiang Yulian wanted to follow Ochre Yan around more, so she didn’t plan to go to Elder Xia’s house!

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