The Mans Decree (chinese) 3694

“You guys don’t run around!” Patriarch Jiang agreed!

Along the way, he had watched the behaviour of Jiang Yulian and Ochre Yan and knew that these two liked each other and would soon be coming together!

Patriarch Jiang wasn’t an old codger, he supported his disciples if they were able to find another half of their daoist couple for dual cultivation!

Devil cultivators are also human beings, they also have seven emotions and six desires, they also have to express their feelings!

“Master, I’m also going to be strolling around ……”

Zheng Jia saw that Jiang Yulian and Ochre Yan were going to continue strolling, he wasn’t going to go to Elder Xia’s house either!

Patriarch Jiang glanced at Zheng Jian and then nodded “You have to be honest, don’t cause trouble for me!”

After instructing Zheng Jian, Patriarch Jiang left with Kai following Elder Xia!

Soon, under Elder Xia’s leadership, the few people arrived in front of a magnificent mansion!

For an elder to have such a luxurious mansion, it was evident that this Wantong Pavilion was really rich!

“Patriarch Jiang, inside please ……”

Elder Xia invited Patriarch Jiang and Kai inside!

Just after walking into the courtyard, Patriarch Jiang was slightly stunned, then looked around and said “Elder Xia, is this residence of yours covered with spell formations, how do I feel that there is a force suppressing the Divine Soul in my body?”

Kai also felt it, as soon as he entered the courtyard, there was a force that seemed to be holding back the divine soul, and even the divine sense was difficult to spread here!

“Ten Thousand Souls Formation, how could there be such a vicious formation here?”

The Red Cloud Demon Lord said in Kai’s sea of consciousness!

“Ten Thousand Souls Formation? What kind of formation is this?” Kai asked curiously.

Although Kai had also sensed the existence of the formation, he did not know what exactly it was and what it did!

“This Ten Thousand Souls Formation is a formation that nourishes the soul, but very few people know that every night of the full moon, this Ten Thousand Souls Formation will suck up the souls, causing people to lack souls and souls, and the souls that are sucked up will be refined by the person who casts the spell. ”

“The reason why this formation is vicious is because on the surface it appears to be a gaining formation, but behind the scenes it actually harms people.”

The Red Cloud Demon Monarch explained to Kai!

Hearing the Red Cloud Demon Monarch’s explanation, Kai could not help but tremble inwardly!

He could not understand what kind of person would dare to lay such an evil formation in the Elder’s Residence of the Wan Tong Pavilion!

“Patriarch Jiang is right, this mansion of mine has indeed been laid with a spell formation, and it was a formation master that I paid a high price to hire.”

“It’s just that because my daughter has always had a weak soul, from time to time, her soul will not be attached to her body, even if she gets a little bit of shock, her soul will go out of body, it’s very difficult to return to its place, in order to be able to suppress my daughter’s soul from going out of body, and in addition to nourish my daughter’s soul, I purposely invited someone to lay down this spell formation.”

“I didn’t expect Patriarch Jiang to recognise it at a glance, Patriarch Jiang is worthy of being from the Soul Demon Sect, his research on souls is thorough!”

Elder Xia was a horse’s arse to Patriarch Jiang!

When Patriarch Jiang heard this, he instantly understood why this Elder Xia was looking for him!

“Elder Xia, isn’t it true that after laying this spell formation, my daughter’s soul is still weak, and often her soul is not attached to her body?”

Patriarch Jiang asked to Elder Xia!

“Right, right, right, I really have no choice but to ask Patriarch Jiang to help take a look, I know that your Soul Demon Sect’s research on souls is the most outstanding.”

“And doesn’t your Soul Demon Sect have Soul Fixing Beads, Soul Nurturing Stones and the like?”

Elder Xia said!

“Elder Xia, please also let me take a look at my daughter’s condition before making a diagnosis!”

Patriarch Jiang said!

“Alright, alright, inside please ……”

Elder Xia nodded repeatedly and led Patriarch Jiang into a small courtyard, which was filled with flowers and plants!

Pushing open the door of the room, Elder Xia invited Patriarch Jiang inside, just as Kai also wanted to go in, he was stopped by Elder Xia!

“The youngest daughter has a weak divine soul, it is really inappropriate for her to see living people for fear of being frightened.”

Elder Xia stopped Kai outside!

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