The Mans Decree (chinese) 3695

After all, Kai was now a middle-aged man in appearance, and with a full beard, he looked a little scary!

“Elder Xia, this is a friend of mine who is also quite knowledgeable about spirits, and won’t scare your daughter.”

Patriarch Jiang hurriedly said!

Upon hearing this, Elder Xia agreed for Kai to enter the room!

Only to see that on the bed in the room, there was a fifteen or sixteen year old girl lying on the bed, looking a little pale, with no lustre in her eyes, as if she was a little dull and stupid!

Although the girl’s features were very pretty, the pair of lifeless eyes made the girl a bit ugly!

With just one look, Kai knew that the girl was now in a state of lack of soul and spirit.

Patriarch Jiang stepped forward and took out a crystal clear stone from his bosom, then gently rotated it around the girl’s circumference!

Soon, the stone unexpectedly emitted a faint light, and the light became brighter and brighter!

Patriarch Jiang’s brows furrowed, then he put the stone away!

“Elder Xia, your daughter is no longer a weak soul at this moment, he is clearly missing a soul and a spirit, the loss of a soul this cannot be reversed unless the soul can be retrieved.”

Patriarch Jiang said with a grave expression!

“How is that possible? I spent a heavy amount of money to hire someone to lay down a Soul Nurturing Formation just to protect my daughter, how could it be possible to lose her soul?”

Elder Xia was a bit disbelieving!

“Elder Xia, can I ask, what kind of person laid this Soul Nurturing Formation that you are talking about?”

Kai opened his mouth and asked!

“I spent a lot of money to bring in a formation master from the Central Region, this Soul Nurturing Formation is indeed able to nourish the divine soul, it is also able to solidify the soul and lock the body, it will not allow the soul to leave the body, you guys can also feel it as soon as you enter the courtyard!”

Elder Xia said!

“Elder Xia, may I ask how long you have been setting up this Soul Nourishing Formation?”

Kai continued to ask!

“About a year long ……” Elder Xia recalled!

“One year ……”
r> Kai frowned slightly, slightly contemplating!

A few moments later, Kai said “Elder Xia, what you have laid down in this mansion is not some kind of Soul Nurturing Formation, but the Ten Thousand Souls Formation, which is a very vicious formation, although it is not normally visible, this formation will absorb the souls of people during the full moon!”

“I think your daughter’s lost soul was absorbed by this Ten Thousand Souls Formation ……”

Kai’s words caused Elder Xia to freeze on the spot, his face full of disbelief!

“This …… is impossible, right, and how do you know this?”

Elder Xia looked at Kai suspiciously!

“Elder Xia, this friend of mine has not only researched about souls, but he is also a senior formation master, so what he said is completely believable.”

Patriarch Jiang said!

Seeing Patriarch Jiang say this, it caused Elder Xia to give a fright!

“What …… is this going to do? Wouldn’t my daughter have to become this demented for the rest of her life?”

Elder Xia panicked, then gripped Kai’s hand tightly and said “Please help me, please help me, you just need to get my daughter’s soul back, no matter how much money you want, I promise you!”

“I only have this one daughter, I absolutely cannot let her become like this ……”

“Elder Xia, you don’t have to be in a hurry, let me try first, if your daughter’s soul was really sucked away by the formation and still remains in the formation, I can save it, but if the soul has already been refined, then there’s nothing I can do.”

Kai said truthfully!

After all, Kai also knew if this Ten Thousand Souls Formation had refined Elder Xia’s daughter’s soul!

If it had been refined, then it would really be over, with Kai’s current strength, there was no way to restore Elder Xia’s daughter!

“Well well well, try it quickly ……”

Elder Xia nodded his head repeatedly, telling Kai to hurry up and try!

Kai did not say anything more in the meantime, but instead walked directly to the courtyard!

Immediately after that, Kai casually waved his hand, and a few spiritual lights struck on top of the array patterns, and then the entire mansion array patterns flowed and continuously lit up!

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